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Recent posts by dinesh maddy

I am trying to create my application using Netbeans GUI Builder, but I have a situation here.

When I drag and drop a component(Jlabel or any other used defined component) to JPanel from Palette window of GUI Builder, the Java code is automatically added by the Netbeans. For eg. the following code is generated:

Now I have a ArrayList which need to store the component objct which is added by GUIBuilder. In this case the object added is jLabel1.

So I need to store this object in this ArrayList. Infact I need the new component object to be automatically added to this list, whenever a new component is added by GUIBuilder.

Since GUIBuilder generates the Java code for added component automatically, how do I make GUIBuilder to update this ArrayList automatically whenever a new component is added?

Can anybody please help me to figure this out?

Thanks in advance.
4 years ago

Andy Jack wrote:

Junilu Lacar wrote:Here's a link to a page where you can see some prices: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/city_result.jsp?country=Malaysia&city=Kuala+Lumpur

Sungai Buloh is in the KL area so just choose Kuala Lumpur as the city.

+1billion for the link.

Hi Junilu Lacar... Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to know if 4500 MR is enough for making a living in Sungai Buloh, if one lives without any partying etc.
5 years ago
I have been offered a job in Malaysia & my salary is 4500 MR. (before tax) and I am in a big fix whether to accept it or not

I am currently working in India in a reputed company paying me 5.3 lakhs/annum.

They have asked me to join their office in Sungai Buloh.

Can you please let me know what is the cost of living in Sungai Buloh compared to India?

Also if this salary is enough to make any saving? I have to send 1200 MR back to India to pay my home loans. So is this salary enough to live in Sungai Buloh?

Please help me with this information.

5 years ago

Can anyone tell me something about <![CDATA[]]>]]> XSS vulnerability?

please have a look at the following link.


It tells something about CDATA section delimiters: <![CDATA[ / ]]>

Can anyone elaborate that, with examples?

Also is it associated with .xhtml pages? Is it required to handle CDATA "]]>" character for XSS in .html application?

6 years ago
We are trying to implement security in our application, wherein we need to encode and decode the user inputs.

So can anybody please provide me a list of all the characters that are disallowed or dangerous, that I need to encode?

For eg. for "<" character we use <, for ">" character we use >

so can anybody please tell me if the following mentioned characters are XSS vulnerable, and if yes, then how to encode them?

1) ! - exclamation mark - characters for additional command execution

2) - hyphen - can be used in database queries, and the creation of negative numbers.

3) /\ = The forward-slash and back-slash are often used for faking paths and queries

4) { } [ ] = Curly brackets and square brackets are often used as script, program or regex expressions.

5) *(asterisk) = Often used in database queries for “all”.

eg. <script>x=""*alert(1)*"";y=42;</script>

6) `(Grave accent) = If you need to use both double and single quotes you can use a grave accent(`) to encapsulate the JavaScript string - this is also useful because lots of cross site scripting filters don't know about grave accents.

7) / (division or forward slash) -


8) Bitwise “xor” operator: (^)


9) Bitwise Left Shift (<<)


10) Bitwise Right Shift (>>)


11) Bitwise Right Shift With Zeros


12) Ternary Conditional Expression


Please let me know if I need to encode these characters too. I am using Java for development.

6 years ago