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Recent posts by gurpeet singh

Lee Kian Giap wrote:Congratulation !

May I ask is the Upgrade Exam IZ0-805 only test those topics of new Java 7 ? or it is actually like the normal exam which test the entire topics just like the IZ0-804?

hi, it tests only new topics of java 7. you can go to oracle certification site and from there select ocpjp 7 upgrade certification and view the exam objectives.
9 years ago
Dear Sai,
first of all don't be dejected. in my opinion you should scrutinize as to why you failed. where were the bottlenecks, gaps in your preparation. what you did wrong ? everybody and anybody can clear the certification with proper hard work and guidance. I have replied you on ejb forum also . here also you should go to scbcd links at this is one stop place for all your needs, books, study kit, simulators. let me know if you face any problem.
for the books, software, kits the best place is SCBCD LINKS . please find the links at

also you can check SCBCD HALL OF FAME to find out people who have cleared and scored good in the certification and follow their footsteps. some of the storied which I recommend is of Piotr nowacki , frits walraven. other are also there.

Paul Anilprem wrote:Congratulations! and thank you for all the feedback that you gave


thanks a lot Paul for the wonderful product that you guys have made. I highly recommend this product to every aspirant. After ejb certification I want to go for jpa certification as well as web services(which people say is kind of tough). would like to know do enthuware support these exams ? which exam you would recommend after ejb ? how much timeframe would be required for me for jpa certification(considering i'm ejb certified, exam difficulty and that I can contirubte 3-4 hours everyday).
10 years ago

Pankaj Shet wrote:I guess Exam is not OCPEJBD6.. its OCEEJBD6.. (Oracle Certified Expert )

yeah it is an expert exam. I copied the abbreviation from above ejb certification forum.
10 years ago
thanks prajakta and pankaj
10 years ago
no you need not follow the steps outlined there. you can use any IDE you like. actually java web applications have a standard directory layout. whether you do it manully as outlined in the book or use IDE ultimately the directory strucute will be according to the specifications.
iI would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me to realise this goal. i would like to say special thanks to Frits Walraven who answered my every query and cleared my doubts. Frits, your notes are really good and conscise. they are ones best counterpart during those last few critical days. also thanks to ivan krizan for his wonderful notes with ample examples to practice. also my thanks goes to all the ranchers who have answered my queries and directly/indirectly helped me. special thanks to enthuware team for designing brilliant ocpjbcd test studio. it is just wonderful and prepares you for the real exam. i will say it is must for every aspirant. i have used enthuware kit for both my web component as well as ejb exam. last but not the least thanks to this biggest java forum THE JAVARANCH. without it it wouldnt have been possible. once again thanks to all. next target JPA certification
10 years ago
from section 20.7 of ejb 3. 1 specs

The client of an enterprise bean may be another enterprise bean packaged in the same ejb-jar or different ejb-jar file, another enterprise bean packaged in the same .war file or different .war file, or the client may be another Java EE component, such as a web component.

but the specs also say that the enterprise bean components packaged in war file are only accessible from the components inside the war file. it cannot be accessed by components outside the war file even if they are part of same application.if it has to be accessed by beans outside the war , then we should package it in seperate ejb-jar file.

i think what is said in section 20.7 needs to be corrected . am i correct ?
you have to login to oracle certview account(create it if you havent done so). from there you can download the logo
a question from enthuware mock kit has an option that goes like this. We have to choose correct.

OPTION A - onMessage() of a Message Driven Bean is not allowed to throw application exceptions.

EXPLANATION : It can throw application exceptions. However, since onMessage() cannot throw checked exceptions, the only way to throw an application is to throw a subclass of RuntimeExcecption and annotate with @ApplicationException.

can we apply the same explanation for lifecycle callback interceptor methods ? why ?
couldnt understand following paragraph from ejb 3.1 specs , page 371, sec

If the container initiated the transaction immediately before dispatching the business method to the instance (as opposed to the transaction being inherited from the caller), the container must note that the instance has invoked the setRollbackOnly method. When the business method invocation completes, the container must roll back rather than commit the transaction. If the business method has returned normally or with an application exception, the container must pass the method result or the application exception to the client after the container performed the rollback.

specifically could not understood the bold line ? Please help guys .
Thanks and regards