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Camilo Castillo

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since Apr 04, 2012
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Recent posts by Camilo Castillo

Hi Mr. Bloch.

Glad to have opportunity to ask you a question:

Do you think that Java should include in future releases more functional programming features like Scala language has?

Thanks for your answer!
2 years ago
Hello Mr. Walraven,

I have downloaded and finished the new trial SCDJWS mock exam and I don't see any question about UDDI and JAXR. My question is, this topic is not or less covered in the real exam or questions are available in full question bank?

I certified in OCJWCD and SCBCD with support of Enthuware mock exams and I know it's a really good product.

Hello Guys,

I am preparing to Java EE 6 Web Component Developer (1Z0-899) and I need to know if there are questions about Classic Tag Handlers and Simple Tag Handlers in the exam. The exam objectives doesn't mention anything about this, but I don't sure.

Thanks in advance!!!