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Recent posts by Esaki muthu

No .It does not do anything .That is after connection is cut i just click an screen in application it is still loading ...but i want to catch this an display an message to the user that database connection is cut ...
If you get this error while starting the system .you can go to the msconfig.msc and disable the Apache common from the start up.

Another way is you can Right click and run as the administrator.
9 years ago
I am running the application and after that now the database connection is not received .At this time i see application is idle and i see the progress bar running.

How can i achieve that the database connection is cut at this time.because the no error is displayed in log.

I want an exception regarding this to cath and inform the user that DBConnection is Failed
It does not execute without the main method even in java 6 or java 7 .It wil work if the main method is declared.

public class Sample
System.out.println("Hai ");
public static void main(String[] args)

The above code will work .
But without main method it will not work....To My Knowledge
9 years ago
I need to change all the staring letters of a string to uppercase letter in java can i do it?

If it changes automatically in jsp also welcome

Example :

String s=" the work is in progress now"

Output Required is

The Work Is In Progress Now

How can i achieve .....
10 years ago
I need to create a query based on ceratin search condition in which i get a list at some condition in the middle of the query construction ..

I first create a query by using stringBuilder and append the string based on the various condition and in one such condition i get list and
i have appened in the sting as list and based on few conditions the query is now generated and i could not get the correct answer

I need to execute at this condition

Note : It should not give the condition like this

Query q=em.createQuery(getQuery().toString)

reply to use the list while appending query in string builder itself.

I have used and program runs but value is 0 i give list as condition in query ...If i give as parameter its working correct