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Change your dots to slashes.
9 years ago
You can have multiple drivers. 32-bit for your 32-bit apps, and 64-bit for your 64-bit apps. Name your ODBC data source names differently per the driver you want to use.

This is a simple issue. You should be able to solve it.
You cannot share log files between multiple processes or threads. Or, I should say, if you try to share files, the result will be unpredictable.

Solve the problem by having each thread or process write to it's own file.

You installed the 32-bit driver. You need to remove that one and install the 64-bit driver.
A Java developer from Cowes
Was so sour about quinse Ciao's
The lady he wist in Petunia
Could drink all blest Neptunia
falling down was he of her Braus.
9 years ago
Wikipedia has a nice article.

In short, a collection of data can become so large that traditional ways of addressing it are not useful. For example SQL table joins timeout.

The solution then are creative ways to process the mountain so that you can get the business value you need. The term "Big Data" is associated with techniques that people use to access the mountain.
9 years ago
@Campbell Ritchie -

Either way, the Return On Investment is negative. In USA , we seem to make things the rest of the world doesn't want or cannot afford because our cost structure is so much higher as our society gets more socialized. China, on the other hand, is de-socializing and they seem to be making everything everyone wants to buy.

Thats why I recommended the Chasm book. Its extremely useful explaining when a core competency becomes a context competency. The next book on the series, called "Living on the Fault Line" explains what companies need to do to continue to be the gorilla ( ie. reinventing , revitalizing , and rebooting ). To be successful, a company must provide a continuous path to innovation.
9 years ago
"i want to understand how the IT business is run? "

IT business is no different than any other business. Business has producers and consumers. The producers deliver a value, hopefully more value than they consume delivering their product or service. The consumers consume the value delivered by the producers. Hopefully, the consumers pay more money back than the cost of the goods or services they consume.

So for example, this is why you cannot just let developers write any code they want. If you allow developers to add all the bells and whistles they want to have, the cost of the value delivered to the business would be far too great.

A consumer is willing to pay X rupees for some product, good, or service. If it costs two times X to produce that good or service, no one would buy that.

A good book to read about the IT business, or any business in general, is "Crossing the Chasm", by Geoffrey Moore.

You can get the paperback for a penny on Amazon :
9 years ago
Network routers also sometimes disconnect sessions that are not active. The easy way to overcome this is to send a 'keep-alive' handshake.
10 years ago