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Recent posts by Greg Pearman

Thanks Sean for that info. Good advise.
11 months ago
Docker and Apple silicon chips "compatibility" has been getting better but is still an issue. Some images don't work at all. Sometimes it's very slow running image, QEMU vs Rosetta, etc...

Does the Docker: Up and Running cover the current best approach to addressing these challenges?
What is the "best practice" approach recommendation to this challenge?
11 months ago
I have a database table structure as such:

parent_project_id (foreign key to project table)
child_project_id (foreign key to project table)


I have a JPA entity

I would like to add mapping such that I can use the existing database tables as is and still map a parent-child relationship where by a project can be a parent to multiple other projects and can also be a child to at most one other project. So ultimately I need somewhere to have a mapping of a collection of projects to represent the child projects associated to a given project and a parentProjectId to hold the relationship of a parent to a given project is one exists.

I don't know if I can just map this directly in the Project entity or if I need to create a new ProjectMapping entity instead and do the mapping there and what the mappings should look like depending on where they are implemented. Is it possible to do this just in the Project entity?