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Hi Pav,
It looks to me like you are doing something in your JSP that you should not be doing. Try simplifying you JSP and trying again. Something might be wrong with your calls to
20 years ago

This should work.
But this is not the place to be asking any non weblogic specific questions. Try another forum.
20 years ago
There is an explaination in the migration docs. I would read to determine if you need to make changes, but personally i would check my code to use any new API's anyway.
20 years ago
The first one is an incorrect JSP Declaration and the second one is an incorrect JSP scriptlet. Scriptlets are translated into the service method of the translated servlet, whereas the declaration is translated to the body of the servlet class.
The syntax in the example is incorrect they must both have a semi-colon at the end in order to compile. The declaration will become an instance variable whereas the scriptlet will become a method variable.
Therefore this

would get translated to something like this

So, depending on what you are going to do with the variable, will depend where you put it. But, preferably the option is to put your DB access code somewhere other than the JSP, i.e a JavaBean or EJB.
BTW: You should download and have a look at the JSP specification to see the JSP constructs.

Originally posted by Manishada:
Sorry !! that was surprising !!
Actual doubt is:
This is how I declare my Connection Object
< ! Connection con=null %>
Is this is right ??
<% Connection con=null %>
Pls comment

20 years ago