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Ravi Tejaa

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Recent posts by Ravi Tejaa

chris webster wrote:Following Greg's recommendation for Head First Java, you should also look at Head First Servlets & JSP, which is slightly out of date but still a good quick introduction to web application development using Java. It should be fairly easy for you to pick up once you've got some basic Java, and your web experience will be very useful.

thank you!!
7 years ago

Greg Charles wrote:There are many excellent books and online resources for learning Java. I'd recommend Head First Java as a good one. I haven't read it, but the other Head First books I've read have been really good. Also, Kathy and Bert, its two authors are quite active on here on the Ranch. You could also check out The Cattle Drive and see if that's something you'd like to try. As far as a path, I've seen several people make the jump from web development to server side Java programming, and they always did it by appealing to managers within their own companies to give them a chance at the Java work when it was available.

thank you so much
7 years ago

I need guidance on switching my career to Java from ASP.NET/HTML development.

I have 3 years of experience in HTML, Javascript, CSS, 6 months experience in ASP.NET, a very little experience in Ruby on Rails and PHP.

I always wanted to be a Java developer, I did my undergrad in Computer sciences(graduated in 2007), my final year project was in Java, then I did my Masters in Information Systems(I did a couple of courses - one in Java and other in JSP/Hibernate. I completed my graduation in 2009. Then I searched for Java positions, but due to recession, I couldnt find any Java positions. The only job I got was a HTML developer(mostly HTML, CSS, JS, some Classic ASP/ASP.NET/PHP). I have been in this job for 3 years now and I am looking to shift my career to Java.

I have never had any professional experience in Java, other than the project that I did in my undergrad. Now I need some guidance on how to gain practical hands-on experience so that I can reach my goal.

I have seen some suggestions on this webpage which looks more or less similar to my situation. Do you think this is the best way to get some experience??

I have come across "9 CD's Sun MicroSystems Java Training" on a website. Can anyone suggest if this is a good way to learn Java?

I am sure I can pickup Java easily, but I don't know that path to take, the books/resources to read etc. Please help me

Thanks in advance.
7 years ago
this is exactly what I was searching for... thanks a ton!
7 years ago