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Recent posts by Moorthy Rajendran

Thanks a lot Palak. i got it will create the properties file with "service.url" which where services are running and override wsdl location using END POINT ADDRESS propery.
11 years ago
Hi Palak,

Thanks for your reply.

while packaging client stubs and ws client java file , i dont know where i m going deploy (not aware of IP and PORT).
so i cant mention IP and PORT number directly in URL.

URL url = new URL(baseUrl, "http://your-server:your-port-no/MyClientStub/MyClientStubProxy/"); in my client file directly when i packaging jaxws client files.

Requirement is to create a jar which will contains client stubs java file and client file through ant build file. (mywsclient.jar)

do i need to create any properties file to mention IP and PORT no and read it from ant build xml and change the wsdl location in during creating the mywsclient.jar?

Could you please send me some sample code for reference.

Thanks in advance.

11 years ago
I am a java developer and new to JAX-WS.

i got one requirement to create a web service using jax-ws, packaging using ant build and
deploying it in JBOSS and WEB SPHERE server.

The process which i followed to create a web service below:

1) created a web service class using @webservice annotation
2) created a client side artifacts using wsimport which is provided by Jdk and
created a war and deployed it jboss.
3) wsdl is getting generated while deploying a war using a URI -
4) create client class to call the webservice. everything is working fine for me.

Need your expert input for the following below:

1) if i write the ant build script to package the client stubs, how i can use wsdl
location in wsimport ant task. should i use URI
(wsdl="http://localhost:8080/mywebapplication/routing?wsdl") or
which is the best practise?

2) i want to deploy my webservice in JBOSS and WEBSPHERE in different
machine and different port no?
for e.g

how to mention dynamic ipaddress and port no while running ant build script?
how to change the wsdl location and port number in generated wsdl and
RoutingService client stubs class dynamically? (dont want to change soad address
location manually)

Do i need to use wsgen to generate server stubs?

Need your inputs in packaging and deploying jax ws in multiple servers.

Thanks in advance.
11 years ago