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Recent posts by Richard Teston

For a web application pages I have these reusable parts of the screen like tables, dynamic headers, dynamic tabs. Now all these parts should be render according the the supplied data/attribute (i.e. table render itself when I pass a list of objects). I don't have any idea on JSP Fragments, so my question is. Can I implement the scenario I stated above using JSP Fragment? Could anyone brief me of what is JSP Fragment and how does the server treat jsp fragments?

Thanks in advance
16 years ago
Thank you Paul for the response, it worked.
I'm having a hard time making this thread program:
I have 5 threads that searches to different data sources. I want to wait for them all to finish before intergrating them together. How will I implement this? Please help. Thanks
Congrats Alex! Could you give us some url link on EL articles or references that covers it extensively. Thanks, and goodluck for your SCBCD.

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Yes, it was more analytical in nature you wont have any difficulty creating pictures in mind, but the trick part is you are presented with choices which seems all of the answer are possible. There are some direct questions on I18N and Messaging, and Design Patterns but I got a scenario based question on the rest of the topics including Security.
Of course all the things that I said was just my direct perception of the things I encountered during the exam it may vary with somebody.

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I cleared part I with a score of 34/48 which is 70%. I under estimated the exam, it was not easy as I thought of it. I reviewed for only 25 hours by reading Mark Cade book and Head First EJB. Did some practice exam on Whizlab which I failed most of them. Having experience in java enterprise architecture,(which I have none) I guess helps a lot. When someone say the exam is easy, don't believe it, yet. You wont know until you take the exam.
[ October 05, 2005: Message edited by: Richard Teston ]
Yea, I guess Whizlab simulator somehow reflect your final exam. I failed most of the practice exam (I passed two practice exams). But the final exam on simulator I got a passing score of 34/48 which is 70%, which mirrors my final SCEA exam on prometric center.
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In a subclass, why do I have to annotate overriden method with @Override. What it's purpose? I mean why do you have to put @Override to an already overriden method?
What is the average percentage you were getting on Whizlab Exam Simulator?
Besides pass by reference and pass by value what are the other features of rmi-iiop and rmi-jrmp? Do they both have distributed garbage collection?
When asked a question that wants you to choose which technology is better suited for a given scenario. Is it safer to choose the most simplest technology(i.e. JSP/Servlet&DAO over EJB)?
Thanks for the reply Jeremy, that's all i need to know.
Do whizlab questions are tougher than the real exam?
Since cohesion means a number of classes that are functionally related. Am I correct, if I say the more cohesive your design is, the more classes are involved, which leads to more fine grained objects? Please enlighten me. Thanks.
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I asked this question before, the good Ilja Preuss gave an url link, it probably might give you the answer you need for domain object
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