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Recent posts by Nikhil Sagar

yes deepak i tried but it is returning host.
May be problem is apache to tomcat request map. what you think ??
10 years ago
It is not working on my rhl server.
10 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

Nikhil Sagar wrote:Ah, means JIT comes into play if and only if method returns somthing .
am i correct Sherrif ??

Given that you've revived a 10-year-old thread, maybe the more relevant question is: Why do you want to know this?


Just for knowledge.
11 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:In which case it would not inline anything.

Ah, means JIT comes into play if and only if method returns somthing .
am i correct Sherrif ??
11 years ago
Sherrif, i have a doubt, in below link

this example says that jit changes method call to returned values.

But what if method does not return anything ??
11 years ago
Still helpful, even after 10 years .......
11 years ago
i am getting this error
under linux. any idea why ??
11 years ago
Today, I am a OCPJP 6 too with 86% .

Peter Johnson wrote:Reinstalling the O.S. seems a little extreme to me. The "missing" class should be in the lib/server-api.jar file in Tomcat. You might have been able to solve this by re-installing Tomcat or re-installing Eclipse.

Peter, i did that almost 50 times with no result that's why i had to re-install OS.

ankita modi. wrote:I am posting contents of these properties files.
region: global
language: English
language: Simplified Chinese
region: China
region: Hong Kong
region: Taiwan
language: Traditional Chinese

So file name shows that it contents language code and region code.

RBControl=basename, language code=zh, region code=TW

Now when you see and files, there is no language code property.There is only region code.These could be correct for file named with RBControl_HK and RBControl_CN.Correct me if i am wrong.

Have a look at the illustrated example from the same page you posted above.
11 years ago
I tried almost each and everything written all around the web without result.
So, i had to call IT team to re-install O.S. and now it's working fine.
I am marking this thread as solved.
whenever i run a project om eclipse it throws.

but i can run any application outside eclipse.
tell me what to do ?

Tina Raja wrote:I am quite new at JAVA however, I tried what you posted and it works for me - trying using this code

class Example{
public static void main(String [] args){
double gallons;
double liters;
int counter;

counter = 0;

for (gallons = 1; gallons <=20; gallons++){
liters = gallons * 3.75;
System.out.println("We have " + liters + " liters");
if (counter == 5){
counter = 0;


Tina, please edit your post and insert code tags properly.
11 years ago
Im addition to Himani's post-
auto-boxing introduced in java 5.
So, if you want a compile time error then compile it with prior to java 5.

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

Nikhil Sagar wrote:Thanks a ton jeff.
And I love you....

Steady on. You don't even know if he snores.

However, hearty congratulations. Just remember: the first 10 years are the toughest.


Thank you Winson.

Just remember: the first 10 years are the toughest

And i would really like to face them.
11 years ago