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Oleksandr Karpus

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since Feb 13, 2002
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Visit oracle_dba group on
Good Luck
15 years ago
Thanks Mark
15 years ago
Hello everybody
I'm going to take 1Z0-001 exam.
What soft is better for training STS or WHIZlabs?
15 years ago
Is the 1Z0-001 based on Oracle 8i or 9i?
15 years ago
I passed SCJR2 (48/59) Feb 12, 02.
16 years ago
Hi rich salsa
I've always had a line " localhost" in my C:\winnt\system\drivers32\etc\hosts.
So It doesn't work.
16 years ago
Hi all
Is localhost always = for Tomcat 4.0?
I did check it on 5 machines.
http://localhost:8080 always brings me "An error has occurred processing the request...
Unable to contact site SERVER
Press 'Refresh' on your browser to try again." is OK.
16 years ago
Download "Core Servlet and JavaServer Pages" in
PDF from
16 years ago
It's OK now.
Thanks Mike Curwen
16 years ago
Hi Arun Boraiah
It does not help me!
I follow your or M.Hall instructions
"If you get compilation errors, go back and check your CLASSPATH settings (see the earlier section on this topic)--you most likely erred in listing the location of the JAR file that contains the servlet classes (i.e.,install_dir/common/lib/servlet.jar). Once you compile, put HelloServlet.class in install_dir/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes. After compiling the code, access the servlet with the URL http://localhost/servlet/HelloServlet (or http://localhost:8080/servlet/HelloServlet or if you chose not to change the port number as described earlier). You should get a simple HTML page that says "Hello". If this URL fails but the test of the server itself succeeded, you probably put the class file in the wrong directory. "
My is in C:\Program Files\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes. I compile from TextPad.
Always have reply like:
"Apache Tomket/4.0.2 - HTTP Status 404
type Status report
message /root/servlet/helloServlet
description The requested resource (/root/servlet/helloServlet ) is not available."
If call it http://localhost:8080/root/servlet/helloservlet
have: An error has occurred processing the request...
( Java is my hobby )
16 years ago