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Recent posts by alex yarm

This is very straightforward and sounds like a job for google really
9 years ago

Gunjan Kumar wrote:Hi

Please let me know your mail id so that i can send my Resume for your reference.

Sure, I can pass any resume on,
Thanks and good luck!
9 years ago
Actually got my first job through a summer internship during my university studies. Great opportunity if you can find one. I harassed a particular guy for three weeks before he gave in and let me have the internship
9 years ago
Hi Guys, we are currently working in partnership with a Global organisation based in West London to recruit a number of talented Agile Java Developers to join an established test-driven team responsible for delivering high quality software across multiple project streams. Our client is looking for people that are passionate about software development and are looking to make an impact within our clients organisation.

Details Here:

We have a number of exciting opportunities with our client for both Senior and Junior Agile Java Developers to join their Customer Group Online division to work across their dedicated Account Management and Customer Sales project streams.

The successful Java Developers will join a team of Developers QAs and front end web developers who deliver high quality software using an Agile methodology. The ideal candidate will be passionate about producing clean well refactored object-orientated code and will use their Agile experience to contribute to the TDD ethic within the team. You will enjoy pairing with other smart people who care about the code (and tests) that they write. You will be a pro-active communicative problem solver.

Working on new projects delivering significant new capabilities to our clients online self-service capabilities
Delivering BAU changes that deliver quick business wins.
Improving the codebase wherever possible.
Active participation in all aspects of the team - this includes daily stand up meetings planning showcases pair programming retrospectives.

The successful Java Developers must be able to demonstrate the following:
Demonstrable experience with Java and associated technologies
Ability to write OO code
Agile experience
Excellent problem solving skills
One or more web frameworks e.g. Spring MVC Struts
Spring or other IOC container
XML technologies such as XSD XPath.
Understanding of how the web works from HTML to HTTP.
Experience supporting live applications youve worked on and know how to write thread-safe code that scales well in a busy production environment.
Web technologies e.g. HTML basic JS/CSS.
Comprehensive experience of database concepts. Oracle/MySQL preferred.

Based near Hounslow these Agile Java developer roles are excellent opportunities for talented career-driven developers to work in a challenging and exciting development environment working on interesting and innovative projects within a Global Business. If you are a Java Developer with experience of pair-programming and test-driven development with a passion for software engineering and the ability to make a real difference in your working environment then please send your CV for my immediate consideration.

These roles pay an excellent salary and come with an industry leading benefits package.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you are interested
9 years ago