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Recent posts by Geff Chang

I'm planning to take the online exam. Is the online exam the same as when you take it in a testing center?
Are you allowed to have pen and paper when you take the online exam?

If there's no pen and paper and the complexity of the exams for online and testing center are the same, then I think the online one will be challenging.
I think it doesn't expire, and it's only good for that specific version - v5.

I think you just get a soft copy. Majority of the certfications I get are usually soft copy. Just print it out, if you want.
4 years ago
Does the Spring 5 certification book cover topics NOT in the exam?

For example:
- Does it have topics on best practices for Production environments?
- On what cases should you not use Spring Boot, but use Spring Core (and other dependencies) or use a different technology?
- etc
4 years ago
Apress site has PDF and EPUB versions of the ebook, if you buy the book there, rather than Amazon.
4 years ago

Himai Minh wrote:Hi,  Geff Chang,
The cost of the exam is $225 nowadays.

I am so happy to see so many people are interested to learn Spring Framework

Oh... So, they increased the price. Thanks for the heads up!
4 years ago
Hi Iuliana - Thanks! That's good to hear.
I checked Apress site - - and it says "The eBook version of this title will be available soon".
If ever I win an ebook edition (I don't know if this contest is ebook or paper), I'm still planning to get the paper edition,
since I find it easier when looking at code that are referenced in other pages!

Best of luck to your review! Definitely looking forward to it.
4 years ago
Based on what I see on the Amazon page, yes.

Work with aspects in Spring and do AOP (aspect oriented programming)

4 years ago
I don't know if this is off-topic, but I just want to share,
since it's a bit relevant to the current book promo on Spring certification.

In the Spring certification site - - I see "Save 25% through December 31".
When I add to cart, the price is $169.
I think it's not exactly 25% discount, since I remember it used to cost $200.

Iuliana's book will be available by January 21, 2020 (as per Amazon).
So, I think this discount may be a good deal.
The exam needs to be taken within 3 months after purchase.
If I buy on Dec 31, I'm not sure if 3 months to read Iuliana's book will be enough.
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your journey!

I agree that both Spring and Java update too fast; it's almost difficult to keep up.
Nevertheless, I look forward to reading the new book.
4 years ago
First of all, thank you for updating your book to Spring 5.
I don't see many books focused on Spring 5 certification.
So, thank you! This will help in my preparation.

I feel like this is a very broad question, and you can answer it however you like.
But, here's my context for the question.
You've written 2 other books on Spring certification.
Is the 2nd edition of "Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam" more challenging to write?
Is it a complete overhaul, or are there still items/chapters from the 1st edition?
4 years ago
Is the Spring 5 certification heavy on XML configuration, or should I focus on Annotations?
If both are in the exam, what would be the percentage of XML configuration versus Annotations?

Would there be questions like "What annotation should you use for this kind of certain scenario?"
4 years ago
Would Java 11 certification be more difficult that Spring 5 certification?

I haven't taken the Java 11 (1Z0-815 / 1Z0-816) certifications yet, but I'm planning to do either Java 11 or Spring 5 next year.
If it's possible, I may do both.

Would Java 11 certification be harder?
I've taken OCA7 (not OCP7), and it was rather tricky / challenging. I wonder if Spring 5 would be the same.
4 years ago
What Udemy courses (or other course) would you recommend in preparing for Spring 5 certification?

Currently, I'm taking John Thompson's (Spring Framework Guru) Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru course.
Would this be enough? Or, do you suggest that I take additional courses after this? If yes, what would you recommend?
I noticed John's courses doesn't have any lesson on Spring Security.
4 years ago
Hi Iuliana - Welcome! I'm very excited about your book, because I have a plan to get certified in Spring 5 next year!
4 years ago
Oh, WOW! Thank you! I will expect to get lucky.
Now, I really need to pass 1Z0-815 next year!

However, I got the email and it says "Electronic Promo Winner".
So, I assume it's an ebook, and snail mail address is not needed, contrary to the first post.

THANK YOU, Hanumant!