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Recent posts by pourush rohila

Hi everyone,
I am using recyclerview left to right swipe for edit data from list but it generates java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index exception. Here is error log and code. Same code i used for other fragments it works fine. Can someone tell me where i made mistake.
error log

1 month ago
hi everyone

how we create a swing application with 2 buttons named delete and rollback, when click on delete button data should be deleted from database and when we click on rollback button then it rollback deleted data
i create a desktop application with java db database using netbeans now i want to deploy this application on client pc. when i create jar using netbeans but it cannot attach database files in jar. is it possible to add database in jar if yes then please provide me complete process or any example, if it is not possible then how to deploy application on client pc so that database starts when we start application.
i am creating an android application in which i want to access database from mysql for user name, phone no and email address. and i want to compare phone no from android phone contact list and the phone no getting from mysql database. for that purpose i use 2 arraylist 1st for phone contact and 2nd for mysql phone no. my main problem is when i compare both the arraylist then i shows no result. i attach here the code please someone help me to solve this problem.

and this is my php code from which i access details

5 years ago
Hi all,

i am implementing a simple program to create a file from swing application and run through button. i am creating 2 frame from first i get class name using a textfield. and in second frame i write complete java code in jeditorpane and save using save button. my problem is if i get filename from code it cannot show output in textarea provided in app but if i write file name with process then it
gives the correct output
here is my code
this is my first frame

this is second frame

please help me in this process.
thanks in advance
6 years ago
thanks paul i read the xpath tutorial on w3 and use xpath and by using preceding sibling i get the values but i want specific node but it gives all siblings from all node not from selected node can you give me any example. because there is no method or idea to get node using value
i want to create a prog to search a element from a node and all its siblings e.g.
i am having this xml file

i want to search value "jdbc:odbc:Mydata" and if user enter this value than i want to access all other elements form this node.
name, username, password

thnks in advance
now i have a new problem i want to check only current date and month from database to current system date and month.
for example current date is 6-5-2012 (6th may 2012) and in database i store 6-5-2010(6th may 2012) so i want to check only 6-5(6th may) from both dates.

Rob Spoor wrote:java.sql.Date does not override the equals method. That means that it uses the implementation of java.util.Date. That will only return true if the other object is another Date with the exact same timestamp, in milliseconds. I really doubt that you have such values in the database.

To compare on days, please SearchFirst. Our Java in General forum has seen that question many times already.

thank you rob for reply i am trying with timestamp also but it gives correct answer when i convert in String.

Abhishekshri Shrivastava wrote:pourush,

Can you check the value you are getting from select query. Try to print the value of dt1 and check what value you are getting here.Do also check the format.
Your code should work.

even you can also compare the dates in following way:-->

thank you for reply abhishek but this one is also not working but i am converting bot dt and dt1 in string and compare it gives correct answer.

i am trying to compare current date value with database value when i print d,dt,dt1 it gives same result but when compare dt, dt1 then it goes to false part of the if condition
please provide siolution
below is the code i use

i am using access database and field of the database is of date type