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since May 06, 2012
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Recent posts by Kancharla Madhu

I totally agree with Malkova feedback.

In short I can say,

Enthuware : Quality,Service Oriented.
Wizlabs : Only Money Oriented.

I wish very good luck for Enthuware team.
8 years ago

I totally agree Whizlabs's OCPJP simulator is too BAD.
In my opinion Enthuware is THE BEST. I also tried Wizlab but I am not at all happy.

- Enthuware or whizlabs?

Enthuware is the best don't go for Whizlabs.

Jeff , Check your preparation with enthuware mock tests, these mocks are the best than any one.
9 years ago

Good Luck,Brandon! . Post your experience once you done with exam.

Yes,I had. Note : You have to take the test before June 30, 2013.

I do not see any reason for Compiler Error, I just tried compile and run the file found no error at all.Only inherited instance methods could be Overridden.
Yes I had the voucher for 1ZO-851 but validity of this voucher ends by June 30.If your interested let me know.Cost of the voucher is Rs 7,300/-

I had few Java Certification Vouchers with me If any one interested please let me know.Vouchers validity ends by June 30.