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I have a maven based multi module project in tomcat which is working and functional. Now I am setting it up to deploy on weblogic 12c using eclipse.

I thought it will be easy but doing so giving lots of errors during deployment on weblogic

My Questions:

1. are there any guidelines to follow when migrating multi module project from Tomcat to Weblogic (using eclipse as IDE)?

2. Does the project building sequence matters during maven build and war preparation?

3. Does below plugins -
  • maven-compiler-plugin
  • maven-war-plugin
  • maven-install-plugin
  • maven-resources-plugin
  • jaxb2-maven-plugin

  • from my main pom.xml file still useful under weblogic server?

    NOTE: I have already tried to deploy a simple web application war to weblogic which is working fine.

    Whereas Deploying my multi module project war to Weblogic gives me below errors -
    1 year ago
    Hey Ramesh..

    We already had a discussion on the same topic... See my post here

    This will surely help you.

    8 years ago

    I want to get username and password from a protected URL format like
    or for example

    ]by using these credentials i want to authenticate my protected RSS page.
    But the problem is when i request from this url, i m getting only
    by request.getRequestURL();

    is there any way to get entire URL in requestURL which i m requesting from browser?
    or please suggest me some other way for the same.
    Please note that i do not want to open extra browser pop-up for asking username and password. i want it from URL itself.

    Thanks in Advanced
    8 years ago
    Thanks for guiding me on this..
    as i understood, you are maintaining the MobileStatus value in session unless user asks for desktop version,this means page will not every time check for which UI request is coming and this will speed up the process and yes this logic will also let us transition one at a time..

    It would be great if you give some idea which places you have checked Mobile status in centralized way,
    and where the below static method will be useful?

    And as you are already checking mobile type device (as determined by WURFLManager) in file using isOnMobileDevice(request)
    then what is the use of method "isMobileRequest()" which is mentioned in below code???

    Thanks in Advanced...

    8 years ago

    Can you please give me some idea how you have created and detecting two Views for coderanch?

    actually what i m planning to do is this way
    Basically, I want to detect the user's browser, so I can differentiate between mobile version website and desktop version website. Moreover, for the mobile version site,

    i first will detect whether request is from Mobile User Agent or Desktop user Agent.
    suppose for viewing Forum List Page, in ForumAction.list

    And i will have to create new mobile Compatible template

    But for this i will need to do changes in every Action

    So is there any place in or other controller file where i can put my code before initializing Template Context, So that i should use that template context (Mobile) for that session??

    For Example for Windows browser it should initialize Template Context from "/templates/default/"
    and for Mobile Browser it should initialize Template Context from "/templates/mobile/"

    its a rough idea that i m thinking to implement

    and it would be great if you give me some Basic idea on Jforum MVC architecture working..

    Really Thanks for your Help

    8 years ago

    Does Jforum2 supports for Creating one Extra "VIEW" for Mobile UI?
    if yes, then can you please suggest me the code place from where i can put condition to redirect to Proper View (either for PC or Mobile) depending upon the USER-AGENT.
    For Example if User-agent is "Mozilla-Windows" so it should process for existing PC UI templates and if User-Agent is "Safari-iphone" then it should process for Mobile UI templates.
    is it Possible in Jforum?

    Please help me on this

    8 years ago