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Recent posts by Weili Ong

Bart Korbel wrote:Hi,
I'm just after passing the exam with score 400 (whatever this means).
The exam now tells you how many boxes you need to tick, e.g. "Given the class below, which statements are correct? (select two)" etc.

From all the mock exams I done the one that matches the actual difficulty the closest is Abdelahad Satour's: https://www.ad-satour.com/information-technology/technologie-certifications/all-what-you-need-to-know-to-pass-vmware-spring-professional-certification/#h-mocks
It's also free. Don't bother with others (the ones on certification-questions site are especially bad - outdated, with incorrect answers and broken usability on the app).

On top of this I did Dominik Cebula's course on Udemy. This one is a must IMHO. It also has mock exams which are rather on the easy side, but still good once you really get to understand the answers.

Other notes I used are on this GitHub repo: https://github.com/MrR0807/SpringCertification5.0

I didn't read any books.

Hope this helps.

Hi Bart, I tried one of ad satour's mock exams, but I only received a list of answers I submitted to email, I did not get which answers are correct or wrong. May I know if you have the correct answers to these mock exams? Thank you.
I have gotten this error when setting the -Xcheck:jni option, and calling my native method.

The error is :
FATAL ERROR in native method: Bad global or local ref passed to JNI

I shall paste the native method (C code) here, hope that anybody who knows what is wrong with this piece of code, will enlighten me. Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

8 years ago