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Recent posts by Haytham Douaihy

Hi Tim,

First, thanks for your valuable information!
Second, do you mean real time websites don't use web-sockets for instant update of parts of their clients, and all they use are simply 'periodical ajax calls' from the clients to update their data? is there any concerns in using this method? maybe synchronization concerns, client-load, server load...?
And if that's the case, then what is the best use of web-sockets introduced by Vanessa & Bear? Maybe it's main usage are in SOA architectures where server updates all their registered clients? or am i wrong ?

thank you
5 years ago
Thank you all for your replies,

i will have now to do a POC on how to use websockets. thank you Vanessa for the links... i was always wondering how applications broadcast changes to their clients! maybe Facebook also uses them in comments, and messages, and whole news feeds..

Best Regards
5 years ago
Ok Joe, thanks for the reply,

Do you think online trading systems, or some parts of the social networks just use ajax or refresh() method for always updating their sessions? especially the trading systems that have the data change instantly in fractions of the second...

thank you

5 years ago
We used to develop Servlets to be able to handle Client sessions, where they, for example in case of a web browser, invoke a service using a form or a link, then the servlet do its work and reply to the client.
this is the typical client-server model that i'm used to work on..
my question is, is it possible that the servlets update its clients without the client invocation? let's say, the system's data is changing each second, so my question that is it possible that some parts of the client web interface to be updated each second automatically for example?
5 years ago
I have problem when trying to deploy JAX-WS webservice created by Myeclipse on glassfish. previously, i was using Apache tomcat and it was working fine. but now, with glassfish, i am getting the below error while deployment:

I made some research on the problem, but there was no clear answer on how to fix the problem. so anybody here know the solution for fixing this issue?
please note that am using myeclipse 10 as IDE and glassfish 3.1.2 as my application server.
thanks in advance
5 years ago
I was using Firefox for testing, and i don't know if there is a special configuration or issue with favicon on Firefox, but what i know, that after testing your suggestion using google chrome, i find it well working...
5 years ago
Inside the default-web.xml, there is already a mime definition for 'ico', which is

so i left it, and i added the type that you provided. then i put the favicon.ico under the context-root of my application, then restarted the server, but no change also... maybe am missing something else?

about the log file, at which log file should i look? i tried the default server.log but nothing inside referencing a missing ico image...
5 years ago
unfortunately with glassfish, this solution do not work!
the only solution till now is to embed it inside the html code using the link tag referencing the favicon.ico to be used...
thanks anyways
5 years ago
Can we set a default browser-tab icon for applications running under glassfish server?
5 years ago
i opened it in notepad++. it is about 800,000 lines. in the first lines, there is some characters that we can understand. they are below, else nothing is readable

VOL1 1 7
Sybase 13A0E
0204803 OPTI_S12 00000000002000012803 0000008
Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.4/EBF 16143 ESD#9/P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/ase1254/2143/64-bit/OPT/n

Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.4/EBF 16143 ESD#9/P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/ase1254/2143/64-bit/OPT/n

it's clear it is a sybase and not oracle... that's another problem!

5 years ago
hi Martin,

sorry for late reply. this is an old DB dmp file. i think i will not be able to recover data from it as i know neither the user/pass used when exporting nor the log files.
all what i know is most of its tables ddl, IMP utility was not the key for recovering content.

i think it's fair not being able to recover

thanks for help
5 years ago
I have an Oracle DMP file, without knowing its related database tables or other any info on when/who has created it. So, anybody have an idea to help me open it or extract its related DDL?
5 years ago
That's Ok Now You're right, the problem was that i forgot to allocate the requestBean to its auto-generated class as am new to Axis2...

thank you very much.. that's perfect now
6 years ago
the client side error is :

while the server side error is

overview: i am using springsourcetool (similar to eclipse) as the development IDE. Glassfish as the application server. the web service is ChequeProcessingService, i generated the .aar file and deployed it under axis2 web project of glassfish. the client side code is generated using axis2 code generator tool, it is simply calling the web service method 'chequeCertification' that has a javabean request parameter and returns another javabean response object.

axis2 version that am using is 1.6.2 with JDK 1.7

kindly advice from where may come this problem.
6 years ago