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Recent posts by shivaram kumar

giuseppe fanuzzi wrote:Hi shivaram,
i think that also ch. 20 (SAX2) and ch. 21 (DOM2) could be useful.

Sure, thank you.

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:

ch. 2 - 5 (XML, SOAP, WSDL)
ch. 9 - 15 (JAX-RPC, SAAJ, Message HAndlers, Mapping - WSDL /Java)
ch. 22 - 24 (J2EE Deployment, Descriptors, JAX-RPC mapping file)

Maybe others correct me.

Thank you for guidance.
I am planing to prepare for Web Service exam JEE6; I don't have experience with Web services,
it would be helpful, if someone can confirm if I need to read following from RMH for preparation of certification

ch. 2 - 5 (XML, SOAP, WSDL)
ch. 9 - 15 (JAX-RPC, SAAJ, Message HAndlers, Mapping - WSDL /Java)
ch. 22 - 24 (J2EE Deployment, Descriptors, JAX-RPC mapping file)

(I have avoided ch. for UDDI & JAXR.)


Self study does not fulfill the prerequisite

Sharma Ashutosh wrote:Well i am seeing a very less volume in the SCEA/OCMJEA certification forum now.
Is this certification not very popular now due to mandatory training from Oracle? Few of my fellow colleagues reached out to me in the last 6 months and were very disappointed after coming to know this mandatory training which seems to be overly expensive(Around $2000+ plus loss of work days). Overall it has made this certification around $3000+. We are yet to be fully recovered from the recession and almost 80% of the companies are not going to reimburse this amount for their employees.
So what are the options:
1) Oracle get rid of this mandatory training or make it affordable?
2) People go for other certifications - IBM SOA Architect etc....?

I have done this certification almost 13 months in US i don't see Java Architect job postings which specifically mentions - SCEA/SCEA5/OCMJEA required....i think less than 5% job postings mention it. Though within an organization SCEA/SCEA5/OCMJEA certified folks are treated with respect.

What's your say regarding this? How this certification can regain it's popularity?

I assume, classroom training is mandatory... see Fee in Canada (C$ 5150)
5150 + 1150 (fee for 3 (parts of) exam) = 6300 + 850 (tax) = 7150...

Reality check
Candidate needs to earn approx 9500 CAD pay its taxes on income and save 7150 to Pay for SCEA...

I wish to be SCEA someday...