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Recent posts by Tod Heartsound

Hyperbolic, lol!
1 year ago
Yeah, I was being parabolic. Some of the front end stuff is quite a breakthrough, indeed!

Still, in my experience, 90% of new interfaces work worse than the previous. Often omitting extremely valuable functionality because "the F-E theme doesn't support it" or "the designer decided we are going to have no more than 3 words on screen at any given time".

If you ask me, we had something going back in 2003. We should have stuck to it and just honed it instead of forking, refactoring, redesigning and mostly: trying (and succeeding) to shape the users towards the tools, not the other way (which is the right way) around.

But yeah, I totally get the meta game, I was a manager (with budgeting funcs) for a while, too
1 year ago
I am not too far from you, bud
I am back on here after 10 years

My belief is that front end programming is everything that's wrong with this world.

No, really, they spend most of the dev budget on making buttons more shiny and all it does is just look tacky, useless and slow (even on brand new machines). Not to mention the security holes...

Just a week ago, I opened my mouth in a steering committee meeting that I think our software for tracking scrums is horrible. They told me it's 500 GB pounds per seat per year :O
I showed them I can get the same job done with Excel/Access for free (we already pay for those) and things are super fast, robust, flexible and in-house.
Of course, I wasn't invited to the next steering committee meeting
(It's your dime!)
1 year ago
First time I ever thought about picking up Java was in 2007.
Lots of distractions since then and whenever I decide to go for it, I get confused by all the options and books available.

I just bought Deitel Java How to Program, early objects, 11ed

I am a QA/DevOps guy who has been lingering careerwise due to spending too much time on the garbage part of the internet
Wow... Had I spent 10% of the time I wasted online on studying, I would have been a professor by now.
Unfortunately, all I have to account for for 10 years of hard internetting is a few won arguments with internet trolls

So, I hope to spend more time here and use my time on this planet towards more constructive endeavors.

I would like to use Java to help me automate some work stuff, to help me put my foot through the door for new career opportunities and also: I have a few game ideas (they are low-graphics, so Java should be able to carry it).

Would LOVE to help with QA/DevOps stuff and interested in receiving Java-mentoring (like, what to study next, or what is the more professional way of implementing a Java program).

Also, I see the D&D book has no reviews for the 11'th edition. It's quite pricey, so, if you want to consult with me before buying, let me know and I will share info, etc...
1 year ago
which is why I wrote "close to" comprehensive. I meant the major stuff that all who call themselves Java Developers must know.
3 years ago
Hello, I know you guys are cool. So, I can ask a question that's maybe not the best, most interesting question

I've worked as a self-taught automation scripter (in other, non-C language) for a lot of time. I've always wanted
to turn to Java and these days, I finally have the motivation (my boss told told me there's no more raises for my
position but I NEED more money).

I don't have a technical background, I am an ex-accountant. 10 years in IT as a script-writer but I haven't been
exposed to the really hard-core programming concepts.

What I am looking to do with Java is:
1. First get to know the basics
2. Program some games that I always wanted to make (that will also help me round up the basic
java/programming skill)
3. Use Java as a programming language for handling databases (big data, reports, business intelligence) and
data science (stochastics, machine-learning)

I am looking for a book (or collection of books) that teaches Java from the ground up. My requirements are:
1. The book (or collection of books) is close to, or fully, comprehensive in describing all the language features
2. It has nice examples
3. It has EXERCISES!!!
4. It provides some general programming knowledge (best practices, algorithms, design patterns)
5. It is updated to Java 8

Would love to hear from you!
3 years ago
I will post the CICS Sockets server COBOL code on this forum (you must have a Other languages > COBOL section, right?), as this forum appears to be well up on the google search results.
3 years ago

Chan Ag wrote:

Also there is a forum called that could be of help.

LOL, I did try to follow that forum but if I felt "bullied" on SO because of one ONE mainframe guy; imagine what it might be
where you are SURROUNDED by that folk!

I actually did post a much more simple version of my inquiry and got no response - and I am kinda happy it turned out this
way because their response tends to be quite rough. Here are some selected quotes from that forum:
- "Even if your program linked successfully, doesn't mean it is worth running"
- "would it be so difficult to try to find out by Yourself?" (that's, like, 20% of the answers to any question)
- "Maybe computer programming is not for you"

These are copy-paste quotes, not making things up! I didn't even try to search, just opened 2-3 random threads...
3 years ago
Oh, I wasn't attacking SO. Just mindlessly drivelling. I did say it's ALMOST useless

Anyway, the question was about CICS EZASOKETS. My task was to write a test system with one COBOL-CICS server
that communicates with a client via EZASOKET calls. The client could be anything (so, I obviously made it in Java ).
It's really very hard to find anything useful about CICS EZASOKET API. Try it

Eventually, I wrote a minimalistic server that can get a message across and wanted to provide that as info people
could see when they google EZASOKET but it got deleted and the bottom line is that much less info is available now
on the web about this because of their zero-tolerance. I think I didn't ask anything extraordinarily stupid. I do like
to think I understand what SO are trying to achieve but I was also looking for a solution to my problem - or any clue

I think the only person who understands EZASOKET calls and is active on SO was newbie bashing me. He was
constantly asking what COBOL dialect and whether I was using the mainframe or emulator as a host. He actually
knew quite well that I am using MF COBOL and Enterprise Server (a PC emulator of a mainframe) but COBOL is one
of those languages you can't just copy-paste from the internet and compile anyway. I was providing a view on how
an EZASOKET server program looks. How are the API calls structured, how does the data going back and forth looks
like and I also wrote I will help anyone willing to get this program running.

And yeah, I bet a 65 year-old, classically educated mainframe developer would find parts of my code that aren't perfect
examples of coding but I explicitly stated this.
Oh, and that sever, BTW, kicked our production system's ass because it is just damn simple engineering and it's 350
lines of code. It is basically a gateway to other transactions on the server so the input/output is the same but my
EZASOKET boy wasn't written by a big, heavy organization but by one naive script kiddie.

3 years ago
SO (=pun there), I get a task at work: "Do something that no one knows how to do but you'll figure it out
because you can think logically and just try things (yeah, as if that's how computers work...)".

Google = No luck....

I thought I'd roll the dice on SO. I was explicit about being bound to a certain technology. I got these
type of answers:

1. "I know nothing about your technology but I will post something remotely related and maybe I'll get
a point anyway"
2. "I know nothing about your technology. So, I am going to ask YOU about it"
3. "I use something else instead of your technology, so I am going to dirt on your technology, imply
you are an idiot for using it and provide an answer to your question using my technology"
4. "I know the answer but that's pretty valuable and I ain't giving that for free. I will, however,
demonstrate my superiority by nit-picking into your question. What OS do you run? What color is
your mouse pad? "
5. "I am absolutely not even remotely related to this field but I am going to be an SO nazi and find
something in your question that might prove grounds for deleting it. I will ask you to edit it 10 times"

Eventually, I found the answer myself!
So, I thought I will provide the answer to my own question and help society as a whole! Ahh, no...
can't do that! You need more reputation.
So, I can spam any question I want, regardless of my reputation but answers are limited? What if I
am a super smart and useful member to SO and I never intend to ask anything, just answer to the
questions on board?

Sooooo.... I edit my question to include the answer. People tell me: "just add it as an answer!" But
I can't... Soooo.... Some unrelated admin gets called in, he votes it for removal and some other
unrelated admins obviously side with him.

Soo... That particular technology, even though I solved a problem with it and am willing to
provide a "hello world" and discuss it with other people, still has zero results in google because
the only thing even remotely resembling a guide to get started (my question and answer) - got

It doesn't take me more than 2 minutes to find a silly question like: "How do I print "Hello World" in
Java?" and people would answer the hell out of that and no one seems to mind...

Actually, anything useful other than asking questions, I cannot do because I don't have the rep...
Even though I sometimes have the answer for a tumbleweed...

I mean, the number of questions where 90% of the discussion is whether this question is "good"
is appauling... And the number of times I've seen someone ask for help with something and
people be like: ditch it, use this instead... I mean, has it ever occured to you that you are not
the only guy using a computer out there?

I think some SO members are snobs. It's no longer about securing IT information for all and
helping engineers out - it's about forming the perfect question and collecting points like there's
a reward or something...
3 years ago
OK, I managed to make it work. It was just that the java 6 installation package is faulty (or doesn't work well on my computer). I reinstalled java 6, the same thing. I redownloaded - the same. I downloaded the java 7u4 and it works like a charm.

Thanks to all who helped. See you soon again! ;)
6 years ago
Dear Campbell Ritchie,

Thanks for picking up this thread, I know it must be so boring compared to real programming issues.

1. I did not understand, in which folder is your tools.jar file?
2. Running javac - version gives the same error but is this error 100% certain due to the path variable? I read this is something about classes being available at compilation time but not at some other time?

I am going to uninstall the java 6 and install the java 7 while I wait for your response.
6 years ago
I am not able to run the program. I did not do anything after posting on this forum.
I don't have a folder "java" for all the JDK's. My "JDK" folder is the "java" folder. The PATH currently points to the bin directory,
where the jar, javac, java executables are. I don't believe it is set incorrectly.

What I do think is wrong is that the tools.jar file is missing. Could you check if you have such a file in your jdk/lib folder?

Reading around the internet, I see this is a classpath problem but all the instructions there are when this problem is met at a much more complicated project and they are too high level for me.
6 years ago
Thanks for the replies. Here are my replies:

1. About the book: it seems to hit me where I like, not too "for dummies" with their stupid jokes and kindergarten-level analogies. I am a programmer in Prolog (too bad it's not sought-after in the market) so the book is about my level.

2. The mistake in the book: They say that to verify that we installed the JDK correctly, we should run: java -version - but this is the JRE. The first time I ran it, it was OK even though I didn't set the PATH correctly and later, when the
jar xvf ..\ didn't work, I was very frustrated. The second error they did was that when telling us how to set the path, they didn't tell us to restart the CMD, which led to more frustration and googling.

3. I use Win 7. I installed my java into: c:\java and I set the PATH to: c:\java\bin - I think this is correct because before I did that, the jar program did not work but it did work afterwards.

4. echo path: c:\Java\bin;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\

5. echo classpath: c:\java\lib (I created this variable myself, in lowercase)

6 years ago
Dear Members,

Yesterday I finally went in and got a Java book: "Core Java" (ed 8) and I am in the first chapters, doing my very first steps.
I installed Java 6 (not 7, because the book is about 6) into: C:\Java. I set up the PATH correctly (even though the instructions
they give in the book are misleading). I tried to run their example program:
* This program displays a greeting from the authors.
* @version 1.20 2004-02-28
* @author Cay Horstmann
public class Welcome
public static void main(String[] args)
String[] greeting = new String[3];
greeting[0] = "Welcome to Core Java";
greeting[1] = "by Cay Horstmann";
greeting[2] = "and Gary Cornell";

for (String g : greeting)

I went into the file's directory and typed: javac

and I got:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/tools/javac/M
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
Could not find the main class: Program will exit.

I tried to search around, including in this forum but I did not manage to find a solution. I think this may be my CLASSPATH variable. I set one up (I didn't have one when I first met this problem) to: c:\java\lib - to no avail...

Any help would be appreciated, I hope to become a contributing member of this community.

Thanks. Tod.
6 years ago