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Recent posts by Darrell Rials

Tim Holloway wrote:And, while I don't myself consider continuous-integration systems such as Jenkins to be DevOps, strictly speaking, that's another tool that it's good to know how to tweak so that when it does its thing, the results will be more DevOps-friendly.

I'm in the same situation as the original poster. Anyone care to define "DevOps-friendly"?
7 years ago

Shane Lee wrote:Hi Unu ,
Ha thats a while back since i worked on that! Looked at my existing code that i have on my laptop and this is a code snippet of how i called a stored procedure.

As you can see from the above comment, i use java.sql.CallableStatement now instead of OracleCallableStatement.

Brilliant! Not only can I avoid using yet another Oracle-specific type, the code is cleaner and easier to understand. I was looking at some rather nasty changes to setting up the connection pool, which I had no assurance would work. Now if we could only get Oracle to (a) change their documentation on how to use a Cursor, and (b) allow returning pure result sets instead of having to return a cursor object.
10 years ago