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Recent posts by Rajeish Mittal

I was able to find a solution to this issue. Seems to have been very trivial. Now resolved.
I've found the error occurs because the Sequence annotation is getting resolved to a springsource jdo jar file in which the Sequence interface doesn't have allocationSize attribute. It should be getting resolved to a another datanucleus jdo jar file in which Sequence annotation declares allocationSize as valid attribute.

Anybody knows how to prioritize the order of jdo jar file higher than the springsource jdo jar file? help is very much appreciated.

Need help to resolve an error in the project. i have com.springsource.javax.jdo-2.1.0.jar in my build path. There are 3 error that i am trying to resolve.

1st one in Sequence annotations
:The attribute allocationSize is undefined for the annotation type Sequence

2nd one in in PersistenceCapable annotation
:The attribute cacheable is undefined for the annotation type PersistenceCapable

3rd one in Order annotation
The attribute extensions is undefined for the annotation type Order

I've checked the jar file. PersistenceCapable and Order annotation have the respective attribute and Sequence doesn't. We are using datanucleus.

Please let me know whats the probable cause of the issue if anyone has come across this issue.


Navneet, for books... you can read Martin Kalin's book for java web services, Sam Ruby and Leonard Richardson for RESTful Web services. As for institute, nobody is gonna walk the road for you. You have to do it alone. Figure it out.
JPA Spec is very much required. It's the basis for the JPA exam. The spec is definitive. The book explains how the logic works, but Spec defines what should the logic be!
It is just a bit harder going straight for EJB. go straight to EJB or you can chose Web services before EJB&JPA or other way round.
do the examlab tests thoroughly. It is more difficult to crack examlab tests than to crack SCJP. Needless to say if you succeed in Examlab, you may as well hit the bullseye in SCJP! That way you wouldn't want your money back.
9 years ago

Mckenzie John wrote:Hi i am planning to take up the OCJP 1Z0 851 in 2 months from now. I need some help in this regard -
1) i am using SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065 by Kathy and Bert. will this suffice.Is there any portions that 1Z0-851 which is NOT covered by this book. people who have cleared this recently , please throws some light on this.

Scjplinks has everything that you would need to cover to pass this exam. The book should suffice. and do the examlab mock tests. you should be good to go.

Mckenzie John wrote:
2) for the recent version of OCJP which is 1Z0-851, is Serialization included in exam. Should i study that for this or skip this. Please confirm.

Serialization should be included. Anything and everything that can confuse you will be covered to confuse you.

Mckenzie John wrote:Finally , i have a doubt - what will happen if one does not clear the exam. will the fees be refunded or is it gone forever

Ah! let's see you want your money back! Check out if there is an insurance company which will insure you against failing. There should be one around you. What kind of question is that?
9 years ago

Vaibhav Ajmera wrote:Is Head first EJB the best book for OCBCD certification ?

Can someone please suggest some other books as well ?


Why is Scbcdlinks losing it's relevance? Why anybody posting for books not look into this link? I mean Head First EJB is ancient man! It's deprecated like Head First EJB

O'Reilly book, manning book and EJB 3.1 specs are good info to check out for! Stop being misled.

There may be or may not be questions. you may get 1 or 2 questions from that part. Each part has its own importance. It is safer to cover that part. You'll still have the knowledge in back of your mind just in case it is asked more number of times. It will probably be just persistence unit xml and global settings. enthuware will give you a fair bit of example. So all the best!
Krishna. Thanks for the alert message. That'll help people to avoid the pitfall. Martin Kalin is good book and so is Mikalai's notes.
I assume UDDI and JAXR topics are not part of the topics as per the response received. A little bit exploring the forum will take you long way to get info required.