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FOP is a nice tool for reporting, I used it in my two vb project and one java project. As XSL is a rich programming language if data structure of XML is correct then I think every type of report can be generated by XSL-FO, SVG (Excel like, Graph ..). One problem FOP has, it doesn�t yet has support for all XSL-FO element. Instead of FOP I also used Antenna Formatter (not open source), good but less restrictive which causes portability problem.
Apache Trax may be the solution, I will reply after testing it.
I have an large XML file (1GB) and need to transform it to an another xml file. DOM based approch takes a lot time that's why I'm searching for a SAX based XSLT processor. Now every XSLT processor use SAX and DOM internally but during transformation most of them use DOM internally. Can any one give a XSLT parser name which can transform a big XML file and can give output a big xml file using SAX.
The following is the replaceAll code of String class of 1.4

So you can easily use the following code in your class

Before doing that you need to import java.util.regex.Pattern. I don't know whether 1.3 has regular expression package or not.
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20 years ago
Are you searching for following type of code

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20 years ago
Throws clause in a method mean - it can throw FrequencyException, not like that it must have throw FrequencyException.
or make class B public and save file as


and by using 'new A(2)', you are creating object of anonymous class by calling the constructor which takes integer as parameter. Then you are keeping that object reference in a static reference.
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nice post ashik. i also try to utilize mobilization time same way as you do.
20 years ago
I have passed SCJP 1.4 exam with 95% mark (58 of 61). JQPlus helped me a lot. I got free JQPlus from I registered for exam in 5th June. In these days i give 4 test exam and some customized (tough, very tough, real brainer) exam of JQPlus. "Sun Certified Programmer
and Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exams 310-035 and 310-027)" by K & B is really good book for exam. But in some point Khaled moghol is better (such as operator).
JQPlus Test Score
1st test - 63%
2nd test - 73%
3rd test - 83%
4th test - 85%
And finally 95%.
20 years ago
I heard that goto statement is ommited from java, but here continue is working like goto statement.
Also if you throw any RuntimeException or its subclass, it does not need to mention in throws clause.
I'm also getting same runtime exception. Why?
So this will create 4 String literals and 1 String object, isn't it ?
I just joined an open source forum which is trying to use our mother language Bangla to linux platform.
I am now searching what kind of problem can be faced when we will try to use Bangla in XML technology.
My first finding is that
[LIST][*] we must face problem when we will use bangla in xsl-sort, because our language sorting order and Unicode sorting order is different.
How many other problems may occur?
And for the above problem what is the solution. As you know it is not possible to find all the XSL engine writer and tell them to modify their code.