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since May 28, 2012
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Recent posts by Swati Shinde

I am starting preparing for SCDJWS.
Please provide me the guidelines for this exam preparation.
How much time it required for preparation?
Where can I get mock exams for it.
I am running tomcat as a service. I have deployed webservice for my application. The web service implementation

needs to access shared folder on remote PC. Using NetUse command,I have already mapped the network drive for the shared

folder. I am able to open that shared folder using the network drive on windows explorer.

when running tomcat as a service my webservice is not able to access the shared folder. However if I don't run

tomcat as a service and run it from batch file it is able to access the same shared folder.

Is there specific settings to be done for tomcat when it is executed as a service?
11 years ago