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Recent posts by Carlos Borges

I passed the exam yesterday.

This was one of the most challenging certifications exams that I take so far. It's not just about Spring technology, but it is about general concepts and how and why they are implemented by Spring. That said, I read the documentation and all the books suggested, and to consolidate all that, I made some mock exams. The ones by Ivan Mirchev were the best.

Good questions, good explanation, and, when possible, links to the documentation, which helps even more. This structure was very helpful because reading the documentation is undoubtedly necessary to take this exam.
2 years ago
I realized that I have made a mistake. I should put a dot after all:
"jar -cvf mods/zoo.animal.feeding.jar -C feeding/ ."

This is how is presented in the book and it works fine too.
In order to study, I decided to write all codes and to create all directories. But I became stuck when I reached the jar command to create the first module jar file.
The problem is that, in this page, the command "jar -cvf mods/zoo.animal.feeding.jar -C feeding/" is incorrect, as it needs a blank space before the slash to fulfill its needs.

After executing "jar -cvf mods/zoo.animal.feeding.jar -C feeding /", everything was working smoothly.
Congratulations, Aravind Viswanathan! I know now how the feeling of getting this certification is good.
Enjoy the moment and keep studying.
After a big rush against the certification retired deadline, I was able to achieve the certification requirements:
09-JUN-20 - 1Z0-807 - Exam (80%)
10-JUN-20 - 1Z0-865 - The begnning of the Assignment
13-AUG-20 - The Assignment submission (142)
21-AUG-20 - 1Z0-866 - Essay

I tried to finish all the steps as earlier as possible in order to have a chance to make a resubmission if necessary, but it was in vain. They have only gave me the results today, almost two weeks after the certfication retirement. But, fortunatly, I did not need a second chance.

I am very happy and I want to thank all you guys that have shared yours exam experiences and java technology knolodge here. A great thank to Adriano Palomino, who have answer my questions and helped me to think clearly and straighforward.
Hi! I'm facing the 1Z0-865 and, despite everybody says that It is not good to change the Business Domain Model (BDM), I think that It is not possible to fulfill all the requirements of the Use Case Specifications (UCS). I will give you an exemple:

Pretend that the BDM give a SOUP class that is associated with a VEGETABLE class. Despite of that, in the UCS, the assignment says that "the SOUP is made with healthy ingredients (VEGETABLES and MUSHROOMS)".

So, what do you think that I have to do? Create a HEALTHYINGREDIENT class and use It instead of VEGETABLE class; or forget the UCS and use ONLY the VEGETABLE class as given by the BDM?
I have done the same as you, but I have only taken the real exam after reach more than 90% in all the Whizlabs tests. In the real exam, my score was 81%.
Regarding to Applets, I have studied everything in order to gain every point available. It's just a few lines to remember, so, It worth the time spended.
Hi! I have this dream too. I did the 1Z0-807 one month ago and I'm in a rush in the last two weeks to complete the 1Z0-865. I hope I could make It in time until the end of this month so I would be able do the 1Z0-866 in August.