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Recent posts by giuseppe frasca

Himai Minh wrote:In Martin Kalin's Java Web Service Up and Running, p 56, there is a quote

Here are some downsides to the rpc style:

This style with its obvious link to the request/response pattern, encourages high coupling between the service and the client.....
This same point is sometimes made by noting that the rpc style has an inherently synchronous as opposed to asynchronous invocation idiom....

Your post is very useful.
Thank you very much

Himai Minh wrote:The key word here is "accept multiple types of requests".
When you build a web service in RPC style, your web method (@Webmethod) can only accept primitive type arguments.
For document style, your web method can accept any object type arguments.

I am not sure if I am right since I am new to web service.

Thank you very much for your reply.
I am not sure that it is the point. If you have an RPC style in the wsdl you can use type attribute on a part element pointing to a type defined in a schema. Even if you would be right there are many primitive types and then the key word "accept multiple types of requests" wouldn't be meanignful.

Thank you again Himai
I have found this question online:

A developer is writing a Web service method that needs to accept multiple types of requests.
Based on the request's content, the service performs time-consuming steps, such as verifying the
user's account, checking credit ratings, and building a list of offers. Which two approaches are
appropriate to use in this situation? (Choose two.)
A. A synchronous, document-style approach.
B. A synchronous, procedure-style approach.
C. An asynchronous, document-style approach.
D. An asynchronous, procedure-style approach.
F. SMTP or other asynchronous protocol.

Answer: C,F

My doubt is:
Why D is incorrect? The difference should be only from a schema veiwpoint. I mean that both rpc or document style web service could be used for asynchronous ws. For 'F' another example could be JMS?

Thank you in advance
Hi you all !!
I'am studying this exam too and I'm using Mikalai Zaikin study guide. It's a good idea to have divided the book accordingly with the exam topics. I have the following question: where I read 'blah blah blah', I have to infer that point is not in the exam? or simply that I have to find some other material because the notes are not complete? or that it is too obvious to write something on it?

thank you for helping me