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Recent posts by Rakesh Basani

Hi all,

I am trying to insert a row into a table which contains a column of XML datatype. My xml data is too long (more than 100000 characters).
When I write "insert query" for this, it is throwing following exception..

The string constant beginning with "'<!--Sample XML file generated by XMLSpy v2013 sp1 (http://www.altova." is too long.. SQLCODE=-102, SQLSTATE=54002, DRIVER=3.59.81

Thanks in advance..

Hi Dushyant,

Its been long time since I leave the Spring. But as far as I remember, you should use the same name to get the value from request.

I replaced the login name with loginForm in public String processLogin(-,-) method.
11 years ago

How can I view the DB queries generated by service classes (IdentityService, RuntimeService, TaskService,..... ) in Activiti.

11 years ago
Have a look at these links Bill

http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/tutorial/doc/bnaeo.html (topic--> Declaring reference to a resource)

finally look at this example http://webspherepersistence.blogspot.in/

They are discussing about @Resources tag at class level. But I did not get that.. Could you please verify that once.
11 years ago
Thanks for your quick reply Bill,

The blog you mentioned for @Resource explained only about field level and method level injections. But I desperately need an example on how to use @Resource at class level. That is what my major concern.
11 years ago
Hi guys,

I had a horrible day by searching for the difference betweeen @Resource and @Component.
I know how it works if we use @Resource at field-level and method-level. But, how to use @Resource at class-level. Is it similar to @Component.

Please reply guys.
Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
Hi guys,

I recently came across these words in AOP. So, please explain me...
And I want the difference between this(com.xyz.service.AccountService) and target(com.xyz.service.AccountService) pointcut designators...

Thanks in advance..
Please reply guys...
11 years ago
Hi all,

I am displaying some error messages in my jsp using spring <form:errors> tag. These error messages are assigned in validator.
For some other fields in jsp, I am using javascript to validate. These validations are very basic validations.
When I display error messages through javascript, I want to, indeed I need to, clear all the errors which were displayed by <form:errors> previously.
Please give me a solution...

Thanks in advance...
11 years ago
Hi guys...

above code is not working. When I click on RSA Tools link, a new window is opening as expected but the window which has that link is chaged from "http://localhost:8080/iuct-underwriting/landingPage/index.html" to "http://localhost:8080/iuct-underwriting/landingPage/".
It is happening only in IE. The code working fine in other browsers.

above code working in IE too..

Please reply..

Thanks in advance..
Thanks Bill..

But still have a problem. I want to use sytem property in value tag of ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource. How can I use that..
When I give direct path like "file:E:/users/iuct", its working fine..
But when I use "file:${xyz}/iuct",its not working properly..

Here xyz is a system property.. configured in pom..

Thanks in advance..
11 years ago
Hi friends,

How can I use pom properties or system properties in xml files using ${ } notation.
I have a property called CONF_PATH in pom. I am using that in ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource's value tag...


But it is not working.. Please help me out..

In pom.. I used <resources> tag


My xml file is in src/main/resources folder

Thanks in advance,
11 years ago
Thanks for you quick reply Bill..

I tried with it, but its not working at all...

11 years ago
Hi guys,

I am using some properties in jsp page. I want that properties to be loaded from .property file which is in hard disk (not in classpath).
ResourceBundleMessageSource not allowing me to refer .property files from hard disk.
Is there any other class which can do that work for me... (loading .property file from hard disk and allows me to use those in .jsp's using <fmt:message.../>)

Its urgent guys, please reply...

Thanks in advance,
11 years ago
thank you very much for your peter..
11 years ago