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Recent posts by nirav liya

Congratulation...and thank you for sharing your experience...
6 years ago
hey Abhilash Sharma,
very very congratulation....
i am also preparing for OCEJWCD
Please help me,HFSJ is enough for OCEJWCD.
you read documentations whole or specific topic you mention in your post.
6 years ago
@: Munjal Thakkar
Thanks for your reply..
i visited your suggested link.
i got all information and thanks again....
6 years ago
Cogratulation and great score again...
i also preparing for OCEJWCD 1z0-899.
Please help me from where you prepare for remainig topic of syllabus because HFSJ is for SCWCD 1.5.
From where you practice for exam?
6 years ago
hi guys,
Tomorrow i passed ocpjp.Now how can i get my logo please help me in detail.
Thank you...
6 years ago
Today i passed ocpjp exam...i am very happy
exam was quite easy...

thanks to this forum javaranch and bert bates and kathy sierra book .

this book is enough for passing exam...

i read this book line by line many times.

i also gave test that came with this book in which i just got passing score.
then i gave 3 test in in which my avg score was just 60
then i also use OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams book
this book exams are very tough but you can learn some new things form this.
i also gave one diagnostic exam from examlab s/w which is free available at in which i got 56%.
this s/w is also contain tough question.

Finally agian thanks to this form and i hope this all thing may helpfull for thoes who are preparing for ocjp...
6 years ago