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Recent posts by Rehan Zahoor

OCM, Java SE Developer has retired. New exam booking is not possible however previous credentials are recognized. See ocmjd retiring
I satisfied this requirement by using appropriate design patterns such as strategy pattern in panels in the frame in GUI development. Mentioned this in code comments as well as design decisions document that how that allowed for GUI enhancements in future.
I am java se 6 programmer. Thinking about getting web component certified. Would java se 6 be enough to go for the certification or I should first get into Java SE 8 and then go for web component certificate. My knowledge of Java SE stopped at version 6. Don't know any thing 8, can that be a hinderence in getting web component certified.
If you have experience with java, android is easier to start. You can opt for framework like unity or libGDX for game development. For IOS you still require xcode, not available for windows and Linux.

8 years ago
My personal favourite nowadays is skillselect from Australia. Check it out. It is for Australia only, but is well organized and under government control.
8 years ago
Self study course would not cover requirements for the OCMJD, so you have to choose training on demand.

Training on Demand allows to watch training videos and labs for the course you choose. I think you have around 1 month to complete videos and labs. You may call your local oracle uan from oracle website to clear this.
I am interested in this job. How do you intend to pay the selected candidates. Would you use upwork type website? I have sent you a purple message about me too.
8 years ago
Hello! and welcome to the ranch.
In most of the countries pearson vue is the test taking agent for oracle. You should visit the pearson vue website and oracle website to get the required information. You can also telephone your local oracle to get the required information.
In Pakistan, I may visit a pearson vue center and pay them on the spot in cash to get myself registered for a same day exam. or I may visit pearson vue website and get an exam booking by paying online using a credit card etc. You may extend the date of exam upto 6 months after getting registered.
Congratulations! You can also add your profile in oracle certified masters if you have oracle SSO account off course .
8 years ago
I see "Why the emulator is so slow?" in contents while leaving androidVille in the book HF Android Development. This is a more serious problem then it seems at first. I had trouble running an emulator on my little core 2 duo, 4 GB RAM. And have to use Ready Boost on windows 7 to get it going.
Do you really have some solutions to this problem. As the contents suggest.
8 years ago
Have a look at android source site. This is used by the manufacturers of phones to make their own android flavor. So pretty open source. Is not it?
8 years ago
I would recommend having some first hand knowledge of android first. 1-2 small android apps to get an idea of usage of different concepts. There are good books that tell you about game programming in android. "android_game_programming_for_dummies" is one of the good books. It teaches you to build a fair 2-D game. and from there on you can move forward.
Good luck
8 years ago
That looks like an idea that has been implemented. i.e. Having a pool of available advertisements and allowing the software to show one of the advertisements in the given add space on a website. I think there are APIs for things like that. and well! while it is already in use by many on the web, it seems legal.
8 years ago
This really depends on the features your apps are using. If your app has features that are in version 2 of android. You may well target version 2 as minimum SDK version.
And you would be able to ship the app for version 2 and above.
However, if features used in the app are the ones added after version 4, you would not be able to ship your app for lower versions.
8 years ago
There are gradel based configuration files and manifest of course that tells the IDE about the version of android for target device.
New things, methods, classes,packages are added in newer versions. That are not available in older versions. But the devices eventually are shipped with newer versions. Version 2.2 has been in use but now most devices are at least on version 4.2 and above.
There are compatibility packs too that allow some new features of newer versions, to be used in older versions.
8 years ago