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Recent posts by Renato Carauta

Thank you for your answer I understand the letter A.
I can understand the difference between CGI and Servlet because I answer this question bellow and I don't understand why is the last option is right

which is not true about CGI and Java Servlets ?

A ) CGI programs are plataform dependent while servlets are plataform independent

B ) CGI runs a containier to geet low-level services

The right answer is letter B and I put letter A.

For me CGI programs are plataform independent and I don't know where runs CGI.
I understand you can have a stale state when you using a Transfer Object. Thank you for your answer.
In this question I answer letter A-B-C-F and I don't understand letter B-C-D-E I don't understand why the JSP and Servlet don't increase application performance, why JSP and Servlet don't implement high scale application and why JSP and Servlet to filter HTTP Request and Can act Front Controller, HTTP Action Handler. The question for me is very confuse I need to understand this letters.
I don't understand the question bellow

Which design pattern, when used, may introduce stale business data in the presentation tier?

A) Business Delegate

B) Transfer Object

F) Front Controller

The right answer is letter B. I don't understand this design pattern.

The source of this question is this mock exam OCEWCD (Java EE 6 Web Component) Training Lab
I don't understand this question. Are there someone help me to understand this question? I need some content about servlet and JSP for OCEWCD.

Where will JSP and Servlets be used?

A) To handle HTTP requests

B) To increase application performance

C) When we need to implement high scale applications

D) to filter HTTP request

E) can act as Front controller, HTTP Action Handler

F) when dynamic HTML contents needs to be generated

G) complex transactions handing

The right answer are A -D -E - F