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since Jun 22, 2012
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I'm just a novice programmer who is looking for a place to call home while / after I learn the art of Java and Android app development.

I have been into computer since I was young but only really started working on getting "intimate" with them while in High school. Around 9th grade I stumbled into ubuntu. I have since moved on to Arch.

Somewhere in Space and Time
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Recent posts by Alex Kollar

I have been searching about for the last two days. Right now I am trying to get what I have going into one program

I know these codes work find individually,
As soon as I try to run them together they get along about as good as...well I cant explain it... it just... dies...
SO here is the code:

Any help would be delightful.
5 years ago
Well then its good I knew that then, Thanks for the warm welcome!
5 years ago
This way it acts like an in house automated message.

Alright after doing a bit of research on the topic is cant seem to find anything, I know this is one of those off the cuff ideas that likely no one worked on yet. If so then I might have to do some happy hacking an figure it out on my own. Till then, Lets see what the general user base has going for ideas?

Here is the code I have. I know it works the way it should I was just wondering if there was a way to automate it / make it so I don't need to enter text and that it outputs to a call to a specific number:

Here is the XML file for the button / EditText

Any tips in this case could be wonderful!
5 years ago
Good <Morning / afternoon / night> to all who read this,
I just wanted to drop a line. I joined the forums a few hours ago and am now just getting around to write this.
I did not spot an introduction thread anywhere so if there is one mods feel free to either point me in the right direction or just link it there.

So what am I about:
I am... just setting out in the world of java... Well I have been at it for about five days. On the verge of building an android app (Not stoping at one...but I have one in mind) that I wanted to build myself.

Slowly I am getting there.

Either way, nice to meet you all and I'm sure you all will be seeing me around...

PS: If someone could link me to the bar I would be grateful, at which the moral question would be to drink whisky or red bull?
5 years ago