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Recent posts by Isaac Ferguson

String value = reader.nextString();

Yes, after debugging the error is on this line. Could I read Objects instead to avoid the exception?

I am trying to read a .json file which contains the response of Rest calls in order to localize a literal in the retrieved text.
20 hours ago
I am using the next code.

I get the error when using reader.beginArray();

I get the error when using reader.beginObject();

Any idea, please?
5 days ago
I think that as it is a json result fro a rest call, I should convert it into a array...
6 days ago
In fact what I have is;

I need to get the "n_id"  value. I would like to use substrisng but it looks like brute force...
6 days ago
Hi all,

I have an output string in console in which this code appears several times with a different value. I would like to get dinamically the value without the n_id.

Any idea, please?
6 days ago

Nothing in Java would truncate the String and add ellipses. Did you manually truncate this or is the program you are using to view the file truncating this? What program are you using to view the file?

I didint truncate it, that the problem. I am viewing it with Eclipse console and the file is a txt. I just open it.

but I am sticking to your use of \n. The

I remove them the same issue...

What's the proces you are reading (I assume that proc is an external Process)?

Yes it is PowerShell file.

1 week ago
Yes they match, I have modified the real values but the total in characters is 119. I am bringing this data from a .ps1  file


The complete output in the .ps1 is

The previous output is what I am searching for...particularly the "test" part with

1 week ago
It is a .txt

This is the core of the code

1 week ago
Hi all,

when I write a string of 290 characters in a file I only can write 119.

Any tip please?

Regrads, Isaac
1 week ago
When debugging I get this:

of course this is the error

because the file name it is "D:/delete.ps143120", instead of "D:/delete.ps1". I am trying to pass "43120" to the file as a parameter which could retrieve from within the .ps1
1 week ago
I mean like this

I tried this:

But it works as if the name of the ps1 would happend the string, not that the variables can be retrieved from the ps1 itself. Anyone knows how to do it,please?
1 week ago
I have a .ps1 file. It is a DELETE uri to  a service.

I would like to pass a parameter from Java and that it could be retrieved from the .ps1 file in order to happend it to the end of the uri (personid)

Any idea, please?
1 week ago
For GET paramenters error.....

1 week ago
For the DELETE

This one shows the same error, it goes to the catch I just wrote an echo there. The thing is what is wrong with the URL?

1 week ago
I had an echo $response = Invoke-RestMethod ....I removed the echo and it works properly now
1 week ago