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Ameya Pandit

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Recent posts by Ameya Pandit

I am new to JAXB and for my particular requirement, I want to marshal CDATA with JAXB marshaller.
Please suggest a way to do this.

We are working on an application which uses RSA Key manager server. we have with us is:-
1. rkm-2_0_0-win32-pre.pkg containing rkm-evaluation-readme.pdf, KeyMan.doc, etc.
2. Tomcat on which sample rsa key manager is running.
We are facing issue that certificate on which dummy rsa key manager was setup, is expired. When we change system date before expiry date manually, it works ok. But we want to change the certificate. We tried the same using openssl commands , but we did not get any success.We created self signed certificate to be used in the tomcat configuration as well but while executing sample application, we are getting error as mentioned below:
com.rsa.kmclient.KMSResponse : parseResponse HTTP_OK is TRUE
com.rsa.kmclient.KMSResponse : Assembling KMSKey Object
com.rsa.kmclient.KMSResponse : KMS Response error : KMSError from KMS Server : error : Access Denied

Please help me to resolve the issue as I have been working to resolve this issue since long time.
5 years ago