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Ian Wang

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since Feb 21, 2002
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Recent posts by Ian Wang

Dear all,
I met a very strange problem. Maybe somebody can help me.
I write a program to upload file to server. It works when IIS and WebSphere 4.0 run in the same PC.
But it fails when the file size is larger than about 50k and IIS and WebSphere 4.0 run in the different PCs.
I found the first 50k content is right. But the left portion are null(0).
It seems that only the first 50k will be tranfered correctly from IIS plugin to WebSphere if I install these two in different PCs.
Did anybody meet this problem?
19 years ago
I found the answer. It caused by the parameter file.encoding which I set in WebSphere. It works after I remove the parameter
19 years ago
Dear sirs,
I migrate from WAS 3.5.4 to WAS 4.0.2 and found I cannot upload files which name contain Chinese characters.
The error message is like "Cannot save file."
I test the same program in WAS 3.5 and Tomcat and it works fine.
Can anybody help me about this?
The uploaded file will be put under the directory 'attachfile'.
I did not append the source file, because I don't know how to put it(this file contain a lot of special characters except < and >.
19 years ago