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Recent posts by Anand Kumar Loganathan

Hi Guys,

I have a registration form for a Greek web site. I had issues displaying Greek characters.

Then i added the below page header to my JSP

and also i have used a filter to add UTF-8 to the response.


The above fix works perfectly fine with Apache tomcat server in dev environment but fails in weblogic server in production.

I have ensured that the weblogic.xml file also has encoding set to UTF-8, but still no success.


I tried logging the Greek characters using log4j with encoding set to UTF-8 to check whether the problem is with rendering the characters are pulling the characters from DB. But in the logs the Greek characters are not displayed even in the dev environment.

Adding salt to the burn when i sysout Greek characters in a test program Greek characters are shown in eclipse console without any problem.

I am puzzled here what actually controls the encoding format of a piece of code in execution and how to fix the discrepancies ???

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated....

11 years ago
Thanks Stephen and Ralph!!!
12 years ago

The output is


But i was expecting it to be

20,20 as both rt and intt are object references. Is my understanding correct?.
12 years ago