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Have you implemented validate() method in your form bean?

8 years ago
The new web services training lab is better quality than older one. You can try oce web services training lab if you are planning to take oce web services exam. Whizlabs scdjws simulator also good, but they provide only mock exams whereas in epractize kits you can find training guides too.
I am so sorry... I mistakenly copied from my amazon account instead of William Manning's scdjws5 book.

Peter Radford
I passed the Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise Web Services Developer exam today with 85% score.

My preparation tips may help others appearing for this exam.

I started preparing for OCP Web Services (java ee 5) exam and decided to take new certification after contacting Oracle.
Thanks to Graham for changing my mind.

My preparation advice for OCE Java EE 6 Web Services exam takers:

Study well about SOAP/XML and JSON based web services
Study well on JAX-RS resource classes (including resource method security)
Study well about JAX-WS(in both web and business components)
Study well about best client-side technologies ( You will be asked to choose best client-side technologies (like REST, JavaScript, XML, SOAP) based on some business problems)
Study well about SOAP and JAX-RS clients (Yo will be asked to choose java code to upload data to web service provider)
Study well about HTTP Basic Authentication in web services including web.xml usage
Study all EJB security annotations (@RolesAllowed..etc)
Study the concept of Metro project (I got around 3 questions in Metro project)
You might expect questions about SSL, Mutal Authentication, XML Encryption, Digital Signatures .....
Study well about WS-Security token profiles
I got couple of questions about WebServiceContext annotation
SOAP handlers
Got questions in DOM, StaX, SAAJ, JAXB
Got questions about Singleton session bean as JAX-RS resource class

Preparation books:
Java Web Services: Up and Running by Martin Kalin Good
Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services Study Guide by William Manning
OCE Java EE 6 Training Lab

Peter Radford
Hey Guys !

I am going to appear for OCE 6 Web Services exam on July 4th. Your valuable suggestions and tips are appreciated.

Peter Radford