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Recent posts by Rajit vreddi

Change type in .hbm.xml from Date to Timestamp .This will work.
your messagelistener behaving not properly or stop running after message is consumed.did you clean resources like session,queue and etc.. after finishing message process.
try this.it might work ..

good coding practices don't lead to such errors.Always clean the resource once it's done.
5 years ago
Change local port number and make it unique
5 years ago
Use transaction while inserting and use flush then commit transaction.This might solve your problem.
if you use jpql then use custom result class to resolve the issue.create a class called ABC and create method getSum(a,b) which returns the sum of two values .
the query looks like

in general,You can configure sequence in the .hbm.xml file and it should work if the id exist in corresponding table

I suggest use batch process and split updating few records each time on iteration.
if the query is not a hql then use native query.the native query return object array so the code should be like this..
first of all your query returns not a object type i.e TuitionPaymentEntity. you need to frame your query like this

Yes,You can have get and close methods of session.get method should take care of creating a new seesion or getting exisiting one.close method should be used for cleaning resources and closing sessions if not active in any transactions.
It is possible You can still generate pojos on denormalized database.if you don't have PK in your table the composite keys will be generated using columns of table.
Without relationship you can not map to any hbm.Mappings are possible for only those having relationship with others.
try this..