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The complete error message is "Unable to start program "C\Program Files\dotnet\dotnet.exe.The remote debugger was unable to locate a resource dfl (vsdebugeng.impl.resources.dll)"

The version of visual studio is visual studio 2017.

2 days ago
I am a beginner in C#. I tried to do the required installation for running a hello world program. I installed Dot Net Core and Visual Studio.

When I created a dot net core application and pressed F5 to run it I got an error message saying "unable to start program".

When I created a dot net framework application and pressed F5 to run, it ran successfully.

What is the difference? Although I had installed dot net core. Instead of dot net core, I am able to run dot net framework successfully and not dot net core.

3 days ago

I have an angularJS application with below:


inside script folder I have the below app.js

It gives error [$controller:ctrlreg]$

If I use the same temp.html code in index.html it works fine without any error. How can I resolve this? thanks.
Why does Java have more similarities with JavaScript than other languages except C#?

4 weeks ago
Why does JavaScript not have Classes like Java.


I actually find this much more confusing. You basically have two methods that do the same thing but you give them subtly different names? And how would it be confusing in the first place to have the controller and service methods have the same name?

Thanks. I always had that doubt that if I have to use a name such as getUserInfo in Controller then for the service class I have to think of some name such as fetchUserInfo just because I should be using a different name. So I think it should be fine to use the same name at both places.

3 months ago
In that case is the below correct way?

3 months ago
Yes that is what the question is. If it is not acceptable practice to keep the same name the  what kind of name can be used for the service class method if the controller class method has been  named fetchUserDetails.?
3 months ago
Which wrapper API documentation are you talking about?
3 months ago
Specifically, my question is regarding how to keep this single responsibility when implementing "Wrapper API".
3 months ago

You can keep it as you wish "same or different".

Yes, but is it acceptable coding practice to keep the same name?
3 months ago

public void someMethod( String valueIn ) {
  value = valueIn;

This is exacty what my question is. Is there a standard acceptable practice for naming value and valuein?  For example ,is it acceptable practice to have the names like this?

3 months ago

There is no need to copy the value of a parameter to a local variable.  

Suppose, I have a code such as below:

and I have to use this at multiple places , then would it not be better to assign this to a variable instead of using as this everywhere

3 months ago
A wrapper class may be invoking multiple APIs . How to user single responsibility concept of microservices in such a case of wrapper APIs?
3 months ago