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Recent posts by Monica Shiralkar

Tim Holloway wrote: — I cannot count the number of times in Python I've burned myself for not prefixing an identifier with "self" where "this" would be optional in C++. But there you have it.

Yes. And optional in java also.
18 hours ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Java® was designed specifically as an object‑oriented language. That is why it doesn't support methods outwith classes (or more precisely didn't before default methods in Java8).

18 hours ago
The reason I can think of for Java not having something like Python functions, is that Java is largely an object-oriented language whereas Python is functional as well as object oriented.
3 days ago

Non static methods, belong to instance of class.
Static methods, belong to class.
Functions, do not belong to class. Is it correct to day that they are just used to perform some task which may have not relation to the class ?

Is there something in java which is like functions of Python?
3 days ago
In Python there are methods and functions.  Methods belong to the instance of class. Regarding the functions, do they mean anything not belonging to the class, i,e static ? thanks.
3 days ago

Tim Holloway wrote:This sort of question is kind of like the perennial "buy or rent?"

But in 'buying versus rent', typically the rich mostly buy their own and the relatively poorer ones take on rent, whereas for AWS the trend is reverse, the big players are taking on rent (cloud ) and smaller ones buying (on-premise).
2 weeks ago
With respect to cost, cloud offers advantages to on-premise in the short run as one pays for as much as one uses. But for these monthly costs, slowly slowly doesnt the organizations end up paying more money to cloud as compared to on-premise, imagining how paying every month would cumulatively mean paying lot of money in the long run? Thanks.
2 weeks ago

Tim Cooke wrote:There are other technical considerations when choosing one solution over another, so I'd still be interested to find out what "better" means to you?

By better, it means for deploying application as containers, in case of EKS it will take care and we will have to do minimal things from our side as compared to  ECS.
3 weeks ago
Thanks all. Yes understood that cost can be a reason.
4 weeks ago
For ECS and EKS, I find that EKS can do everything that we can do with ECS and is better choice among these two AWS services.So,  if EKS is better chose over ECS for containerized applications so why would one ever use ECS.
1 month ago
In which kind of scenario would one choose to use ECS (Elastic Container Service) instead of other AWS service EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) ? Thanks.
1 month ago
In my case autism is not the reason. Instead the reason is that in case of looking at some plain object like a desk, I can understand better using undistracted focus in comparison to making eye contact where focus may get slightly distracted due to the person's expressions or anything. In first case it is better than in second.
1 month ago
It is recommended that maintaining eye contact while speaking with someone is the right way of communicating in office.

During any technical discussion, I have observed that when I make eye contact with the one who is explaining something, I get little distracted whereas when I look at some other thing like a desk or wall or something , I am able to focus the best on understanding without any distraction.

It is working better for me. The only things is it is against the recommended way of office communication that maintain eye contact while taking. Any other time during some normal conversation when I do not require to focus on understanding, I do maintain eye contact.

Is it acceptable to go against the recommended practice of maintaining eye contact ? Thanks

1 month ago
Containers are used to package application with all dependencies and can be deployed anywhere. Does this mean that one does not have to worry about the OS as our application once containerized will have no dependency on OS as it will run on the OS in the container? And that this is the primary advantage that containers provide.
2 months ago