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Recent posts by masoud keshavarz

Thank you for reply.
I solved previous problem by changing my matlab code to this:

And my java code to this:

Now problem is the file I used in matlab ('Untitled940424.fis') I must put this file in my java project build path. I use Eclipse IDE. I already tried to copy it into various folders of my project (JRE System library, etc....) but it seems i don't do it in proper way. May you help me where is root folder of external resources in java projects with Eclipse IDE?

p.s: as you asked, when you convert your matlab code into .jar, you can specify a name for your class and method. I choosed 'newFuzzyInference' and this method declared there.
8 years ago
I already asked this question here

I wrote a code in matlab that pass 5 numbers as input into a fuzzy system.
This is my matlab code and x must be 5 numbers as input eg: [1 0 0.3 1 0.7]

I converted my matlab code into a .Jar code successfully and I added it in my project without any problem. But I can not find how can I pass my input into it and receive output.
I already tried this:

But its not how this work.
8 years ago
Hi, I implemented a very simple interceptor.
My method have two string parameters:

Is it possible to I catch message2 in my interceptor and print it?

Thank you very much for help.

Stephan van Hulst wrote:When you create a package com.enterprise.ejb.interceptor, it will also create a directory structure com/enterprise/ejb/interceptor. Then, you won't be able to create com.enterprise.ejb, since com/enterprise/ejb already exists!

This is not a bug. Eclipse simply doesn't show the package (that already exists on disk) because you don't have any classes in it. You can "view" the package by creating a class and in the wizard set the package to com.enterprise.ejb.

Much appreciated :-)
10 years ago
Hello, I use eclipse IDE and I created a package with this name: "com.enterprise.ejb.interceptor".
When I try to add another package with this name: "com.enterprise.ejb" it show me an error message that package already exists. If I change the package name to "com.enterprise.ejb1" the error message goes away.
Is it a bug in eclipse?
10 years ago
Ulf thank you for reply :-)

By whom? By the developer, or by an attacker? The developer can use something like to monitor HTTP communication, including SOAP.

I really liked to play with tcpmon but I couldn't run it at all.
I don't talk about an attacker. I'm talking about an authorized developer whom want to play with requests before it sent from a client to a server, or from a server to another server.

I want to do some experiment and find some answers to this questions:
How does request messages looks like? Is it in xml format? Is it possible to modify or add something into it before we send it to destination?
To find some answers for above questions first I need to catch request from client.
10 years ago
Hello guys.
I'm newbie in java and I wrote my first web service application from a tutorial, but I have a few questions about it.

This is my server side code:

And this is my client side code:

I've read before communicating with web services are through SOAP protocol but I'm not sure if above client call web service function through SOAP protocol.
Does above communication is with SOAP protocol? If no then what is the protocol name? In this protocol is it possible to intercept and trace request that client send to server by another server?
Is it possible two web services on two independent servers communicate with each others through above approach or they only can communicate with each others through SOAP protocol?

I use Eclips, Tomcat, Axis2.

Sorry if my question is a bit confusing I tried my best to make it clear.
Thank you for help.
10 years ago
All this subjects refused:
chat system, card game, remote file system, exam, client server, tic tac toe.

He told me they are TOO simple.
He said I must read several ISI articles about "Distributed systems".
He said if I read ISI articles I will find problems in "Distributed systems" and I can work on their problems.

In end he suggested to research about "E-commercial in Distributed systems".
And he said you will fail this course if you dont find a good subject for your project in one week.
11 years ago
I still have problem to find a good subject for implementation.

I found "Chat System" and "Card Game" subjects. But I need something much more hard.
What can we implement with "RMI" except "Chat System"?

Thank you for help.
11 years ago
Thank you all very much for reply.

Now I must choose an appropriate "Operating System" to work on "Distributed Objects". I have "Linux Mint" but I think its better to choose "MINIX" because during of my research about "Distributed Systems" I noticed the name of "MINIX" so many time.

Are you agree with me?
11 years ago

Pat Farrell wrote:Do you have experience with other OO languages, such as Smalltalk or C++/C#?
I suggest you google for "java rmi tutorials" and implement one or two of these as examples. The tutorials will result in simple distributed object systems.

Thank you for reply, I know OOP.

I bought this book: "Distributed Systems, Tanenbaum". This is a good book for understanding EJB, RIMI, And CORBA.

And I will try to implement some easy "java rimi tutorials" to understand how does it work.
Thank you again for reply.
11 years ago
Im sorry but I asked this question in wrong place.
May you put it in "Distributed Java" forum please?

Thank you.
11 years ago
Hi. I don't know much about java.

In college my professor asked a project for "computer organization" course and I want to choose something about "distributed object based system" and implement it.

Ive read several pages of this document:

In fact Im afraid if I can implement it or not. Im not a bad programmer but I dont have enough experience with java.

I need to ask you several questions, please help me.

May you tell me several easy projects about "distributed object based system" for implementation?
Do you know any good tutorial that help me to finish my project?
If you think you know any tips that may help please share it with me.

Thank you for help.
11 years ago
Thank you everyone.
I used this step by step tutorial.
I executed my first java program successfully
11 years ago