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All of our testing centers in the area have been closed since March and may open to limited capacity next month. My voucher expires next month! I don't have a proper set up at home to take this test, and would rather go to a test center. I asked OU about an extension of time for the voucher and they said to let it expire then ask for the extension. Does that sound like good advice?

Remind me... what is the passing score needed for the SE11 exams? Sixty-something...
I'm doing it for me, myself. As I get older there are fewer jobs available to me. Maybe it will help, maybe not, but just understanding the nuances of say promotion, casting, etc. is very valuable. I would think that the quest for a cert would have to be personal. There will always be better devs out there than me, because they have more actual experience, but I still personally value the certification.
Hmmmm... I have been thinking about it and wonder if keeping formal notes will just complicate things, make the process longer. I already don't have much time in a day. Trying to be on top of things, but there are lots of things and one more hard task might be too much. I also agree, this is more personal... Hmmmmm.
Does anybody have any great examples of using GitHub as they study for Java certifications? I keep a notebook, but I think a more formal record, one that might be useful to others (if I pass) might be more fun, more productive, and allow for a better learning environment. Also, something a future employer could see. Any links would be appreciated. Right now just thinking of moving though each topic and documenting thoughts, questions, examples, etc. I have a deadline, bought my test, been studying but need to take a deeper plunge and immerse myself, set aside my distractions. (I write and it's hard to put that aside for a few months as it calms the creative voices in my head.)

Thanks, I have Jeanne and Scott's book. Also Hanumant's book, and just purchased the Java 11 Enthuware tests, but haven't taken one yet. I think I can do this.
Congratulations, and nice post!
Any real issue reading the SE8 version on the side while studying for SE11 exams? I see the SE11 version on line, and it contains Modules which is not in SE8, but I like having the book in my hands and don't see a SE11 JVM Spec book for sale.
I feel for you. It's not always easy to negotiate Oracle's massive web site. I remember spending lots of money on a Java SE course many years ago and in the end I just felt like I was taken advantage of. It was pretty worthless. So, I don't have any advice for you, but I do sympathize.
4 years ago
Thank you... that is the correct answer and backslashes work. I need to spend more time with this terminal...
java Zoo new (zoo)
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

is what I see. But it can just be one bracket, empty brackets, etc.

I'm using Terminal on a Mac.
Does anybody have a list of acceptable, or better yet, unacceptable characters that when passed to Main as arguments will create a syntax error when running a simple java program. So far, ( and ) cause a syntax error, but other brackets do not. I assume parenthesis denote a method, a constructor??? and can't be used as arguments in the array?

I'm just jamming everything I can into the simple program as arguments to see what makes the program fail. Also, since I have already compiled the program, is this syntax error a runtime error?

Manoj Shekhawat wrote:I have purchased Exam Voucher: Oracle Certification Proctored Exam from Oracle and it says "Order Created Successfully". But I haven't received any email. But after reading above comment looks like I'll have to wait for 1-2 business days for getting the Voucher email from Oracle. Hopefully I'll get 50% off . Fingers crossed.

For me, it was pretty easy. I bought the voucher, but before I paid it let me enter the 50% off reduction, then it did reduce my payment amount. I paid, then within a few hours I got my email notifications. I also got a notification in the mail a few weeks later. I am in the US, so that might make it quicker and more straightforward for me.
Just bought my voucher for half price... The pressure is on.
I would just delay the test, push it out another 3 or 4 weeks.