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Recent posts by Blake Edward

Once again, thanks for writing a great book, for being there when needed, answering questions in these here forums, being responsible adults. The Java language is lucky to have ALL of this in its support.

Welcome Pierre-Yves Saumont...

marten kay wrote:Thanks Jeanne,

There's one piece of technology I forgot to list. Is Netbeans still a solid IDE? I liked it, or have others over taken it?



I just got done using NetBeans to build a desktop application that interfaced with a MySQL Database. I used modules, and in the end I really liked the way it wrapped up my project and I could easily distribute it the users. I chose it because of the tutorials based on it. My feeling is that Oracle isn't 100% behind it, but I encountered no real issues using it.
2 years ago
In the original code, line 13, shouldn't the method be doStuff and not soStuff?
2 years ago

R L Miller wrote:@Campbell Ritchie

Honestly, I don't know what I wanted. I am in an online Java course ( my first Java) and so there is not necessarily any teaching( TA is good at answering e-mails). We were basically given a book(not a very good one IMHO) and then assignments to churn out. We have a discussion board but are not able to paste in code so it is essentially useless to me. All I know is that my Assignment has to be formatted as LastName_A03Q1.Java and because of that my main class is named the same.
So in summation, I know absolutely nothing about Java. so little that I need a discussion forum to help me understand the people helping me in discussion forums....I feel like a toddler.

Actually, you already know more than you think you do. Java is a huge language (lots to know) and it takes years to feel comfortable. This is what I have learned in the last two or three years I have been struggling with it. Books and advice are always helpful, but coding is the only way to learn. I had this idea that I would be part of a team at work and we would support each other. At my last job I worked in a vacuum, developed a java based application for a client, set up the DB and did all the design work and project management work. I wrote thousands of lines of code, delivered the project over due, but working. I still feel completely flustered. At the end of the project, a developer that I know finally gave me a thumbs up and said, "you know, you're a pretty good developer. You're stubborn and you don't give up and you're not afraid to fail." He still had nothing good to say about what I built. Learning is a commitment. If you can hang in there you'll be ahead of the crowd. Keep coding, and realize that in a few years you'll know even more than you give yourself credit for knowing, you'll be ready to take on any small to medium sized project and succeed. Find a project that you care about that you can solve with this language and start there. I look at your level of concern and your harsh self criticism and see in that the basis for a good developer. Don't let your own high expectations stop you at this early stage. Keep on coding.
3 years ago
Maybe to start, find a cause you care about and see of you can volunteer some time to build something for them or make something better. Less pressure for the first time around and you have your first bullet point for your resume.
3 years ago
Sometimes I look for developer jobs and there is no mention of certification. Sometimes it's just experience, but other times it's both. I still think the certification is a valuable thing to have. Here is a recent job I found in Portland, Oregon that specifies a preference for a Java Certified candidate. Keep on studying...
Is an OCA enough? Maybe with some terrific work to show along with it. I have been padding my resume with technical skills for four years. I have a BFA, a Digital Design certificate from a local college, and various things I have built: Android app, Java app, all sorts of front end dev work that employs javascript and jQuery. I manage a SQL database at work and just finished writing a complete app in Java that uses a MySQL DB, all of which I coded and set up myself. I still lack the OCA and a certain amount of confidence in my skills. But honestly, I would be a good hire at many places.

However, the real world situation is this. There are lots of really smart, young developers out there that can code circles around me. Also, most Fortune 500 companies have a hiring criteria which means you graduated from a certain university (they have a short list of American, European, Indian, Chinese Uni's) with a certain GPA and a specific degree. If you don't have this then it's over real quick. I work within one of these companies right now (contingent worker status), but not for them. I will never be able to work for them. The real point here and the best advice I could ever give to a graduate that still has most of their twenties in front of them is simply do what you love. Even if you graduated with a concentration in CSC and what you really want to do is write screenplays, then go write screenplays. Do the thing that you naturally think about all the time, that keeps you up at night, not the thing that you think you should be doing. If what you want to do is developing/coding then go for it. Don't be afraid to travel and relocate to do what you want.
Update: I could never resolve this issue. I read the threads and the Netbeans bug info and tried every fix I could think of. I tried remapping the entity classes, creating a new table and then remapping, creating a new library for my application... nothing worked. I asked for professional help from my company and never got the help I needed. I had some conversations with a few people that knew about coding but not about Java. In the end, as time was wasting away, I just rebuilt the application. I am beyond my sticking point and hopefully about to wrap it up. The job has exposed weaknesses at my work place, like lack of support and the willingness to sign contracts worth thousands and then leave the poor developer out in the cold. It has been harsh. My client has been great. I have been completely transparent about my obstacles, my limitations, my successes and also my company's lack of support. I almost got fired a few weeks ago for this. Almost done though. Thanks for all the help.
I have done everything I can personally. This is my first big application and I work in a vacuum, meaning the people I work for don't understand or give a crap. It is a large enough company that my request for real help should have been pretty easy to supply. But no help was provided. My client is also my company's client, so I don't understand the lack of concern. In a way, I have been hung out to dry. I think IDE choice (NetBeans) was a mistake, but there were many, many more tutorials and info associated with it. Ultimately, I can handle taking the fall because it has been an incredible learning experience and I don't plan on being here much longer. I will never be a genius level programmer but I am stubborn and would thrive in the right team oriented environment.

Anyway, thanks for your post. Tomorrow is the day of the scheduled train wreck, Wish me luck.

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Blake Edward wrote:I put the whole class in here, but really all you need to see is that "wwid" (which in the above post I referred to it as "employee_id") isn't mapped as the primary key anymore while "dbid" is. I recreated this class when I changed the primary key in my DB expecting the entire program to update along with it. I have scoured my application for any leftover code that still declares the "wwid" as primary key, but can't find any. My concern is that there is some metadata, a jar file, something else that still thinks my primary key is "wwid". The DB doesn't think this but the program I am building does.

So let's see if I understand your issue correctly. In a previous version of the application you used "wwid" as a primary key for the Spokespersons entity. But then decided that "dbid" is a much better choice. But now you get an exception when trying to update "employee_id" which is no longer a primary key anymore.

First of all, it's very confusing that you get an error on The attribute [employee_id] of class [DBClasses.Spokespersons], but that employee_id is not used at all in the entity class you just have shared. So it seems your application might be using an old version of this class. If that's not the case, could you share the actual error you currently get (which should complain about an attribute of the current class).

Secondly it seems you have a setDbid method in your entity. The primary key is generated by the database (according to the @GeneratedValue annotation). So you are definitely not setting the primary key explicitly when updating/creating an existing/new entity. Because some persistence providers don't like if you are updating the primary key (which makes sense in my opinion).

I'm not an EclipseLink expert (have been using Hibernate all the time), but maybe it's somehow related to the same issue described here.

Hope it helps!
Kind regards,

I apologize for the lack of clarity. I am not supposed to be sharing any code with the public so I initially changed wwid to a more generic term: employee_id. But I get no support at work. Honestly, it just doesn't matter any more so this time I gave you the real entity class that uses the real previous primary key: wwid.

The link you sent is probably the answer to my problems. I will let you know how this turns out before morning. It is my son's Birthday, so we are treating him to a special outing, dinner at the restaurant of his choice, etc. So it'll be a late night. Thanks for the link!

Roel De Nijs wrote:Can you share the mapping of your entity, especially the field which is mapped as a primary key?

I put the whole class in here, but really all you need to see is that "wwid" (which in the above post I referred to it as "employee_id") isn't mapped as the primary key anymore while "dbid" is. I recreated this class when I changed the primary key in my DB expecting the entire program to update along with it. I have scoured my application for any leftover code that still declares the "wwid" as primary key, but can't find any. My concern is that there is some metadata, a jar file, something else that still thinks my primary key is "wwid". The DB doesn't think this but the program I am building does.

Initially, I created a DB that had a Primary Key of "employee_id". Everything was great until I realized that the DB would not accept input into the "employee_id" field from the admin tool. The admin tool is just an editor with a series of fields to be filled out or changed, then saved to the DB. Maybe there is way to do this, but as I researched it no legit relational DB would allow human input/error in the primary key column.

So, I created a new column in my DB that is called "dbid", and it is a self incrementing integer that now serves as the primary key.

In my application, I recreated my entity classes to match the new DB schema. But now when I try to change the "employee_id" in any row, which is no longer the primary key, I get this error:

Local Exception Stack:
Exception [EclipseLink-7251] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.5.2.v20140319-9ad6abd): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.ValidationException
Exception Description: The attribute [employee_id] of class [DBClasses.Spokespersons] is mapped to a primary key column in the database. Updates are not allowed.

As far I can tell, there is no code in my application that states the primary key is "employee_id". How do I fix this? Is there a jar file somewhere that needs to be changed/updated to match the new entity classes? Is this a NetBeans bug?

I can change any other field and successfully save it with no errors. But, since I need to install the "employee_id" of any new employee added to the DB I am unable to add new data to the DB.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

The people that answer the questions here are just great! There is a lot of indecisiveness when making your first application and sometimes you need to be shoved in the right direction. I decided when I took this task on that I wasn't going to be afraid to fail and that I would try to do it right, and that is all. It's been a great learning experience. I think it's going to work out. I'll be glad when it's done and I can go back and look at my mistakes and then just move on to the next thing.
Yes it's too late. But maybe I can rebuild it with Spring and learn something. Today went unusually smooth and stuff got done. Scary!