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Recent posts by smercmu

Thanks for the info... I appriciate it.
16 years ago
Does that mean when I move it to a different environment (i.e., from my laptop to qa to production) then I'll have to run a script for each environment?
16 years ago
Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get a simple helloworld web service running using axis 1.3 (latest stable release). I created the class and a deploy.wsdd and an undeploy.wsdd using WebSphere Studio to run on WebSphere 5.1. I then created a server-config.wsdd and put it into my WEB-INF folder. My question is -- What do I have to do to get axis to pick that file up? Is there a servlet that I have to map also? What causes axis to start up and look in the webapplication as it gets deployed? I know I'm missing something easy and any help here would be appriciated. I want to avoid the command line admin utility if at all possible.
16 years ago
It really depends on where you will be using the data. If the front end display / user interface displays the username, etc, then put the items in HttpSession. If they are being used by the model, put them in the EJB.
Hey everyone,
Quick question -- We are using Websphere Studio 5.1 (built on eclipse). Anyone know of a way to prevent a user (ie, bad programmer) from seeing some of the perspectives (such as data) which they could mess up things? I saw that different versions of the product have additional Perspectives, but i'd like to limit it even further than what Site Developer allows.
Almost looks like the JDK path is messed up. Might want to check your enviroment variables to make sure they aren't pointing to the wrong JAVA_HOME or anything. Did you re-install everything on windows or just the OS? Might try uninstalling the jdk and re-installing it. Also might want to try netbeans. Its less buggy and faster.
I have been asked to evaluate some UML editors for my company. Our budget is limited (couple hundred dollars), so the big guns like rational and together are out. Any ideas about cheaper, yet good uml tools? I saw that gentleware had a decent one for a good price. any other ideas?
Hi there... any help would be appriciated.
I am currently using Apache Tomcat/4.1.12 as an application server. It is configured using a tomcat jndi realm which hits an openldap ldap directory server for authentication. Everything seems to run great. But if nobody uses the website for a while then it will double authenticate the next user to login. That is, Internet explorer prompts for the credentials twice, making it appear as if the first attempt was incorrect even though the password/username was right. I traced it down a bit and discovered it is most likely due to the openldap timeout. After the ldap connection times out (30 seconds or so), it appears that tomcat has to fail the authentication and re-ask to reopen the jndi connection. Any ideas how to prevent a double login by the user without changing the ldap timeout?
18 years ago

Originally posted by Steffen Foldager:
Come on, guys...
I can't figure out whether this question is really stupid, really tricky or if I overlooked something obvious.
Is the following statement true then?
"The only way to implement a logout using J2EE authentication in Tomcat is by forcing the browser to close"
If yes, then the J2EE authentication really is of no practical use (which I don't hope..)
Somebody help me, please

I've been looking into that recently too. The login credentials are held by the browser (ie in my case) and you have to tell the browser to reset or clear those cached credentials. I found an activeX component that does it for IE. figures... but I have yet to see any javascript that would do it.
18 years ago
I'd drop the second controller... I use the delegate/service idea also.
I think you are missing the point of a component diagram. It is supposed to show the developers how the parts of your system interact. If you don't show the jsp's then how would a developer that the uml gets sent to know how to construct the application?
The html frame/frameset tag is independent of the struts taglibs and framework. Does the frame tag work if you were to just have the frameset in a plain html file? My guess is that it does not. Try removing the "/" in front of the welcome.jsp src property. That will probably do the trick if you have the frameset set up correctly.
Hope that helps....
18 years ago
I'm not an expert at struts yet, but hopefully this might help you track things down... Was the previous developer using an ActionForm or just the action? Sounds like there might be a problem in how the ActionForm object is being used. Is the drop down box using the struts-html tag library? If so, make sure it references the ActionForm.
18 years ago
You can point to whatever classpath you want by modifying the setClasspath.bat file in the bin directory.
I have had simular situations in which I map the network drive and use a drive letter in my classpath setting. The one major benefit of having tomcat use its own classpath rather than the system classpath is that tomcat won't crash if someone else logs into the machine and changes the enviroment variables. Personally, I set the catalina home and java home variables in the top of startup.bat, then in setclasspath.bat I set any classpath settings I need.
HOpe that helps. I can paste in my files as examples if you still need help.
19 years ago
I totally agree, I am sticking way too much into the classpath variable. Unfortunatly thats the only way I could figure out how to get tomcat to run. I have had it running fine using win2k by just adding catalina.jar.... but here is the error I get doing the EXACT same thing using win98 (I don't have a lot of experience with tomcat, only BEA, so any suggestions/ideas would be helpful):
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tomcat/util/log/SystemLogHandler
at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredConstructors0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredConstructors(
at java.lang.Class.getConstructor0(
at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(
at java.lang.Class.newInstance(
at org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.main(
Exception in thread "main"
And I am using the following classpath set:

rem Set standard CLASSPATH

From what I can tell, the server/lib and common/lib contains the jars that would prevent this error. So I tried to put them in the classpath and it got too long! HELP!
19 years ago