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Recent posts by Johnny Fanta

Thanks I saw that, very useful, but is there an online source I could study.
The area where I'm having the greatest problem is in casts or mainly Multiple casts I've tried looking around the web and books and just can't seem to find a resource that I can learn from that would be up to exam standard. If you know of any please share.

Example question:

a = (B)(I)b;
b = (B)(I) a;
a = (I) b;
I i = (C) a;
Looks a great resource, very well written sample chapter.
I got this today Enthuware JA +V7 and it's seems to be the best I have found so far.
Just getting into the hard slog of study, I thought I knew a lot until I started doing the test exams and I'm doing really poorly but it's still the beginning.
I have the K&B book and I've started the Enthuware practice exams.