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Recent posts by Sahil Manchanda

Volodymyr Levytskyi wrote:Hello!

What type of data structure do you use to do your search.
It is not clear from your post.
In java you can use queue(first input first output), deque(doyble-ended queue) or stack(last input first output).
To get these data structures you should use LinkedList's corresponding methods.

If you want to implemenet your own kind of LinkedList then you need to know internal life of LinkedList.

To know more about stack,queue,deque implemented by LinkedList read my tutorial on Internal Life of LinkedList.

i am using the java class Stack
5 years ago
I have a graph of 100000 nodes and i have to do a dfs on it. when i do it the code seems to go on forever. Can anybody tell me whats wrong with my code. if not please tell me how to efficiently achieve my objective.

gr is a graph which is a map of integer and arraylist of its neighboring nodes.
thanks in advance.
5 years ago
here s is a new hashset of characters
s = new HashSet<Character>();

whats wrong ? why the compiler error
6 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

Sahil Manchanda wrote:Hence can you guys please suggest modifications to make is more time and memory efficient.

Well, other than what the others have said, my advice is: don't use a BigInteger as a parameter.

That fact is that BigInteger's are NOT unlimited in size; and you'll overflow one long before you hit the limit of even an int - and probably run into space problems on your machine long before that. Indeed, it might be a fun exercise to work out exactly when your factorial calculation will exceed the maximum possible value for a BigInteger (2^68719476704 - 1).

Using an int also allows you to use things like switch statements; which in your case may be very useful.


but using an int does not give correct can not hold 50! for instance
6 years ago
Hello Everybody. I was doing a program on finding the factorials of large numbers in java. I successfully did it but the time and memory it takes is not as efficient as i want it to be. Hence can you guys please suggest modifications to make is more time and memory efficient.
Thanks in advance.

6 years ago

Prajwal Shetty wrote:Congratulations Sahil

I guess by now you might have already received your e-Certificate in the emailid registered in your certview account.
This mail also contains a link wherein you can apply for the hardcopy to be shipped to your address specified in the Pearson VUE account.
You will likely receive the hardcopy within 4-6 weeks after applying for it via the link provided in mail.

Best Of Luck for your next exams

no the format has changed perhaps. i haven't got any e-certificate. they will directly ship the hard copy. my certview account says that it has been packed on 13 february. I am eagerly waiting for it to come!
6 years ago

binay shah wrote:Congrulations.

Can you please share your experiences with the exam. What practice exam did you use and how was the exam? Is time sufficient?

I would love to do that ...

1. I studied K&b as everybody. there are no two ways about the fact that the book is awesome and a must do.
2. Then i did some specific topics from khalid mughal. specifically i did the api contents section
3. I regularly referred to the api docs whenever i had a doubt.
4. then i did the mock exams by kathy sierra and bert bates. these people are gems of java. i scored very low in their tests and hence was encouraged to go back and read the K&B book again.
5. i did niko's java blog also
6. the time on the exam is enough i finished it in an hour only. if you have done mock papers by K&B. time is no problem for you!
just keep in mind that when practicing do it with time constraint!

do not try to remember the answers of the mock practice and practice and dont give up if you fail
in the K&B mock book's second test i scored 50% i read everything and improved myself!
javaranch is awesome
6 years ago
thankyou so much everyone !! can you please tell me what do i need to do now .... does the certificate reach me on its own?
6 years ago

Seetharaman Venkatasamy wrote:Congratulations

6 years ago
and please tell me what to do now... are there any steps that i have to take to make that certificate fly to my home asap... or i just have to wait
6 years ago
Hello ranchers !! I am glad to tell you that i cleared ocjp6 yesterday. Thankyou for answering my stupid questions all the way!
Although i am very happy ..I wanted to get 100% just missed on that !!
again i love this site !!
and p.s. K&B is awesome!
6 years ago

Vigneshwari Chandrasekaran wrote:please do the tests from examlab. don't worry about the score.. but learn from it
I wish you all the best to get 100%!!
Stay blessed!!

thankyou so much !! one more thing are there any drag and drop questions on the real exam now!

Deepak Bala wrote:

1.I am scoring around 74% in the exams by sierra and bates. am i ready to give the exam? I've done K&B and lots of mock questions. I also did some chapters from mughal ! any suggestions regarding what my pln should be for the rest of the two days are welcome.(Should i go for exam lab?) I will be thankful!

Only you will know if you are ready. If you feel confident, then you are ready.

2.As this is my first time for a proctored exam. Please tell me about the things i should keep in mind about the center of the test. what should i take with me as in I.D. proof and stuff like that. Also any special precautions. I am really a novice on this front so help will be appreciated.

Call up the center and ask them about the procedure. Usually you are given a marking pen and a sheet of plastic to write on. No electronics allowed.

3. I tend to mess up on the questions about java or javac command and JAR etc can you tell me where i can study these topics from as the development chapter is not proving enough in my case from K&B.

The ScjpMockTests page lists a few sources of mock exams. Find one that will allow you to browse questions by topic and take it. Nothing like quizzes to check your understanding of a concept.

Good luck.

Thankyou so much for the reply!!! means a lot !

Tina Smith wrote:You have two objects that are pointed to the same file. Each one appends a line to that file every time you println to it. I would expect the contents of your file to be

we are even
yes i did

What did you expect to see and why?

actually when two writers are associated with a single file,
the second writer to be flushed overrites the first writer .