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Recent posts by Guillaume Jourdan

This sentence means that you can't implement an enum outside the enum class definition. By default, an enum have a private default constructor, but you can define your own constructor.

Example :

You can use the log4J mapped diagnostic context (MDC)

You can define the username in your user thread code :

And add it in your appender pattern configuration, example :

Warning :

MDC Javadoc wrote:The MDC is managed on a per thread basis. A child thread automatically inherits a copy of the mapped diagnostic context of its parent.




out => PrintStream

PrintStream => pirntln method invoke print method => Javadoc PrintStream println(java.lang.String) wrote: public void print(String s)
Print a string. If the argument is null then the string "null" is printed. Otherwise, the string's characters are converted into bytes according to the platform's default character encoding, and these bytes are written in exactly the manner of the write(int) method.
s - The String to be printed

Javadoc PrintStream print(java.lang.String)

If you want an implementation, you can extract the code in open-jdk :

open-jdk source
11 years ago
You must specify the index in get :

Example, to get the first element in your array list :
11 years ago

You want to convert UTF String to ASCII String?

example :
11 years ago
Because String class is immutable and you are not supposed to modify all it methods.
11 years ago wrote: When you serialize an instance of a class, the only things that are saved are the non-static and non-transient instance data.

cf : serialization java sun
11 years ago
What's your output log of your executeHttpRequest method?

Have you a log who start by : "Response in httpp:" or "Exceptions:" ?
11 years ago

Lila Fowler wrote:My problem comes in when I try and pass the response back to the original method
that I used to call the compileSmsUrl() it returns a static variable fine but not a dynamic one.

What do you do in executeHttpRequest and writeLogInfo methods?

and why you have :

and not :
11 years ago

Lila Fowler wrote:The reason for that is because I don't want to post my real username
and real password online thereby letting the any unauthorized person
send sms's that I am paying for.

I understand, it's just to be sure ;p
11 years ago
Just to be sure...

In your real code, you don't have :

But :

String staticurl = " &password=YOUR_PASSWORD &api_id=11111111&to=";
11 years ago
Hi Lila,

Lila Fowler wrote:
SEVERE: cell:0835707641
SEVERE: message:testing
SEVERE: confirmdelivery:false
SEVERE: errorlog:false
SEVERE: You still have more then 50 credits

I think this is not a free API and you must paid to send a SMS to this cellphone.

Clickatell_SMTP.pdf wrote: To use this API, you need to register at ( When you sign up for an SMTP account you will be given a username, password and api_id: keep these at hand. Once you have registered and been activated you will receive 10 free credits with which to test our service. Messages sent with these credits contain a canned (pre-populated) message. You can test the API using these credits, and purchase credits to start sending your own, customised messages

You can find the doc here : : Clickatell_SMTP.pdf
11 years ago
Hi Linda,

Lila Fowler wrote:

I think that your http request doesn't return the same result...

System.err.println("Orig resM7:" + response); //original dynamic response return by clickatell

This print doesn't print origresponse but your static variable : response
11 years ago

Peter Johnson wrote:Installing Ubuntu probably will not help with getting a RedHat certification

I am agree. Vamsi, if you want to pratice to the RedHat certification, you must pratice on RedHat or CentOs (binary compatible).

If you are just affraid to install VM, you can follow a tutorial like :
11 years ago