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Recent posts by Mike Gray

I am using a third party applet that has 'getter' fileds that return booleans, stings or integers. How can I read these using Javascript ?
For example, there is a getter method in the applet that looks like this:
public boolean getIsFitToWidth()
return _imagePanel.getIsFitToWidth();
Which returns true or false.
Any info would be appreciated . . .
16 years ago

Originally posted by stara szkapa:
I don�t understand you people. First you elect president who is not that smart and then you pick on what he says. It is not his fault you elected him, and it is not his fault he is not an intellectual.

Not to stir up anymore debate, but Al Gore did win the popular vote. The Supreme Court just fixed the results !
We are also taking advice on education from a guy who had a "gentlemen's C" avergae at Yale, whose vice president flunked out of Yale and whose home state of Texas consistently fell in the bottom five in the US for public education when he was govenor! To give him credit though, I think way he replied to the interviewer implied he was talking about the labor force in general, no IT jobs specifically. I think he was stating that the work force in general is not as skilled, or adept with technology, as we would like to see.
17 years ago
Thanks for the advice.
Has anyone used a service ?
Would you reccomend it ?
17 years ago
Any you folks out there had experience with any of the resume writing services out there ? Who did you like ?
I see quite a difference in prices. I have never used a service before, but many people swear by them.
thanks in advance.
17 years ago
So be honest . . .
Did you go back and review any questions after 183 questions ?!!!
I marked some for review and after 3 hours I looked back at one or two and said forget it !!!
I put it off to the final day. I got to spend my whole holiday weekend studying - Yipee!!!
Anyway . . .
Almost didn't take the tes because I showed up at the testing center and they were gone !!! Fortunately they had moved only about half a mile away.
The most important bit of advice I have (for the real test obviously since the beat is now done) is to know CMP Entity beans backwards and forwards !!! Also know all the interface methods and what built in methods you get from inheritence.
Not sure how I did on the test, but after 183 questions I was getting light-headed. I did see a few questions that were obviously still under construction or in need of tweaking. A couple of typos here and there, but nothing that confused me.
Any of you who took the test would agree with me that by the end everything looked like one word:
Is there a standard file on Windows machines that contains the package ?
I am assuming it is a jar file from Microsoft . . .
17 years ago
Has anyone had this problem . . ?
I have a webservice published uising AXIS. It exposes methods running on a Weblogic 6.1 sp4 server.
I am connecting to the webservice through a Cold Fusion page. When I run my app with the AXIS webservice on a UNIX machine, the return XML strings look fine and everything runs OK. If I run the same code on a Windows 2000 machine, the XML comes back with > and < instead of <>. My app sees these as invalid XML documents and blows -up. I was wondering if there is something I can do when compiling my webservices with AXIS, (or in Cold Fusion or Weblogic) to make it resolve or change the way the entities are handled. Help !!!
Or the Boston area ?!!
17 years ago
I should have mentioned that I did clear my browser cache. I even went to a second PC that had never even navigated to the webservice URL. It too showed up !
This is a strange one I admit.
17 years ago
Anyone ever have this problem ?
My company has WL 6.1 sp3 running on a SOlaris two machine cluster. Whenever I add a new method that is exposed by a webservice, the new methods do not show up in the WSDL doc.
To make sur enothing was cached anywhere, I used the WL console to stop both servers. We STILL saw the webservice as available even thought both sides of the cluster were shit down. This led us to believe there was some type of caching going on someplace. Our admin stoppped and restarted the cluster service, and we STILL saw the wsdl doc !!!
Anyway . . . the only way we could get the WSDL to show the correct output was to reboot the machines themselves. This is not ideal as we don't want to be starting and stopping machines since there are other applications running besides mine.
If anyone has had any experience with this phenonmenon please share with the class!
Thanks in advance - Mike
17 years ago
Murder was the case that they gave me
17 years ago
Did you get the memo on the TPS reports ???
I 'll forward you a copy of the memo.
Yeahhhhh . . .we have a new cover sheet we are using for the TPS reports. So if you could go ahead and use the new cover sheet, that would be great. . . yeah.
Just goes to prove that some things in the corporate world are, unfortunately, universal.
17 years ago
I found the answer to my problem.
I have BEA Weblogic installed locally. Because of that, I automatically have Ant installed.
I wanted to use Ant 1.5.1, which I have installed seperately on my PC. The problem is that in my Path variable, I have %WL_HOME%\bin before %ANT_HOME%\bin. Because of this, Java finds the first insatnce of Ant inside the Weblogic variable. That is a different instance of Ant so Java cannot find the NetCOmponents.jar file.
All I had to do to fix this was to change the order of my Path variables so my 1.5.1 version of ANt is picked up first. (ie. %ANT_HOME%\bin;%WL_HOME%\bin).
Remember, Java is 90% configuration and 20% coding !!!
17 years ago
Hi all,
I am trying to use NetComponents.jar in an ant script on Windows 2000. That, along with optional.jar, should allow me to use the <ftp> task def. Unfortunately, ANT complains that it does not know what to do with the <ftp> def.
I have made sure that NetComponents.jar and optional.jar are in my ANT lib directory.
I have even tried to explicity put these jars in my CLASSPATH.
I am using jdk1.3.1_02 and I am using ANT 1.5.1, but I am not having much luck. A co-worker has almost the same setup and he has no problems (he is using jdk1.3.1_04).
Anyone have similar issues ?
17 years ago