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Recent posts by Himai Minh

Hello all,
Our Washington DC Quantum Computing Meetup group is looking for speakers for December 2019 and further.
The events can be online or local to DC on any day between Monday - Thursday from 19:00- 20:00  America Eastern Time.
If anyone is interested to be our speaker, please let me know. I will introduce the organizer, Dr. Deb Ghoshal to you.
Please feel free to visit our web site at https://www.meetup.com/Washington-Quantum-Computing-Meetup/
4 days ago
I am running a Spring Boot mongodb example from John Thompson's course.
I am using Window 10 while John Thompson is using Mac/Linux.  I heard Docker may not be working properly in Windows.
According to John, Docker is a "Linux" thing.

I installed Docker for Windows (Edge release, engine 18.09.0)
I tried both Linux and Windows containers in Docker.
In my local directory:
c:\users\myname\desktop> docker run -p 27017:27017 -v /dockerdata/mongo -d mongo

I have already share my C drive with the container.
I have a dockerdata/mongo directory in my desktop.

After running the Spring boot example, I should have some data persisted in dockerdata/mongo directory as instructed.
However, my dockerdata/mongo directory is still empty.

I am running out of idea now.
Please help.
It seems like my mongo data is not persisted in the directory I mounted to.
Thanks in advance.
1 week ago
I remember there will be one mock exam in the new Spring 5 exam guide written by Iuliana.
But you can feel free to buy mock exams from vendors for practice.
Hi, Geff,
You may want to read Ivan Krizsan's Spring 5 tutorial for the exam. You can find it at https://www.ivankrizsan.se/
I recommend this book Getting Started With Spring Framework covers Spring 5 by Sharin and Sharma.
I am sure reading Iuliana' book will be helpful too.
Basically, it is better to find more resources.

For production environment, you may want to consider Spring boot actuator to see the health of the application.
Spring Boot is getting more popular and it has auto configure for Spring Core. But Spring Core is still useful for Spring boot.

Have you tried to work on mock exams from vendors? Those mock exams can help you understand more about the exam.
But you still need to google search for Spring Boot Test and actuator documents.
Hi,  Geff Chang,
The cost of the exam is $225 nowadays.

I am so happy to see so many people are interested to learn Spring Framework
Hi, Tarik,
I just passed my Spring 5 professional exam 3 weeks ago. It was very tough.
I had a headache after the exam.

For our exam guideline, checkout our posts in the certification result forum.
The books I read :
1. Getting Started With Spring Framework 5 (Great book, must read)
2. Spring In Action (4th and 5th edition) ( for more advanced info and read the chapter about Spring Boot Actuator)
3. Ivan Krizsan's Spring 5 tutorial on leanpub.com (I think it is free. I was happy to donate $20 to support Ivan)

Online classes:
1. Dominik Cebula's Spring tutorial on Udemy.com. He has 8 modules that will cover the exam topics. But so far, he has not finished module 4-8.
2. During the same time, you can check out John Thompson's Spring Framework Guru (Spring core 4, 5, Advanced Spring , Spring boot test).

Mock exam:
Either itestjava  or certification-questions
(They are just for practice. Don't try to remember the questions and answers.)

Google Spring boot test and Spring boot actuator. You will find some examples.
The exam has about 20% about these topics, which is new.


Our Washington DC Quantum Computing meetup group will host an online event on November 12th 2019, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm  America Eastern Time.
Speaker: William Hurley, CEO of Strangworks.
Topic : Understanding the Power of Quantum Computing
Cost : Free
Please join our group for free at https://www.meetup.com/Washington-Quantum-Computing-Meetup/events/266095953/?isFirstPublish=true.

After you join, you will see the instruction to access to the Zoom.us for video streaming.

Everyone is welcome.
2 weeks ago
Hi Skumar,
I have very little work related experience with Spring 4.
But I know some EJB 3 which has similar concept with Spring.
It took me 16 months to study.
If you know bean, AOP, transaction, restful services, JPA, servlet and web security, that will help you to pass.
I strongly recommend Dominik Cebula's certification courses on Udemy.
3 weeks ago
Thanks to all of you.

My advice to those who will be taking this exam is not to memorize the questions/answers of those mock exams being purchased from vendors.
None of the questions are similar to those mock exams. Understanding of the topics is very important.
Don't underestimate the difficulty of the exam. I almost passed out after I finished this tough exam!  

I highly recommend Dominik Cebula's first 3 modules which has already covered 40% of the exam objectives.
If you study hard on Dominik's modules, I am sure you will do great on those topics.
(I know Dominik is still working on the other 5 modules.  

I recommend to read Ivan Krizsan's notes here:  https://www.ivankrizsan.se/
Also, a rancher posted his/her notes here: https://github.com/MrR0807/SpringCertification5.0

3 weeks ago
Hi, Andrey,
The only reason I can think of is the spring-context.jar is corrupted.
3 weeks ago
In Spring 5, we don't call global session scope. Instead , we call it application scope.
Application scope means the bean lives in a servlet context. One servlet context can have multiple application context.
A singleton lives in one application context.
A bean of application scope can be shared with multiple application contexts.
So, application scoped bean can live longer than a singleton.
I guess if you want to build a real web (servlet) application and you want a bean to be shared among multiple application context, use application scoped bean.
3 weeks ago
Hi, Andrey,
You may want to find .m2/repository directory in your computer first.
Then , navigate to .m2/repository/org/springframework/spring-context folder. Back up the content of it first.
Then, remove the contents in the folder.
I have a feeling that your spring-context-5.0.x.Release.jar is not the latest or corrupted.

Or, for the version of spring-context, put the latest version in the pom.xml. The latest version is 5.2.0.RELEASE
3 weeks ago
Hi, Andrey,
you may want to take a look at this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9923852/basic-spring-mvc-web-app-causes-contextloaderlistener-error and https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22491245/tomcat-7-failed-to-start-from-within-eclipse/22491327

Maybe, try to put ${org.springframework.version}  for the version of spring-context. I am sure ${org.springframework.version} is a variable defined in IntelliJ.
Or, try to clean and rebuild the project.
3 weeks ago
Hi, Sam,
One more try is to use embedded h2 database instead of Derby. And also comment out each line of application.properties by adding # in front of each key/value pair.
Run the application and visit localhost:8080/topics

The pom.xml becomes like this:

Give a try to see if it works.
1 month ago
Hi Sam,
One more thing you can try is to remove @Repository from the TopicRepo interface.
1 month ago