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Recent posts by Himai Minh

I think you need a bridge :
For example:
   name: kafka-net
   driver: bridge

   image: docker.io/bitnami/zookeeper:3.8
   container_name: zookeeper
     - kafka-net
     - "2181:2181"
   image: docker.io/bitnami/kafka:3
   container_name: kafka
     - kafka-net
     - "9092:9092"
     - zookeeper
13 hours ago
I am not too familiar with that issue. Can you try a simple method like this ?

13 hours ago
I guess your JDK 11 may be bundled in your IDE?
You don't need to set JDK 17 to your environment variable. As  long as your IDE has set the correct JDK version and be consistent with your pom /gradle's JDK version defined by you, it should work.
1 day ago
Can you post a JPG picture of your tables and their relationships for your proposed design? A picture worths a thousand words.
1 day ago
I think as long as your IDE's default compiler is set to 17, its language level is set to 17 and the pom defines Java version to 17, your code should run.
Or, you can set everything to JDK 11. But nowadays, people use JDK 17 or above.
1 day ago
Hi Nyeng,
So, you explicitly specify the jar file in the external library of your IDE and the code runs?

In some cases, if a dependency is a corrupted file, you will need to reimport it.
1 week ago
In .m2/repository, do you have org/springframework/spring-webmvc directory?
Or, are you sure 5.2.6.release is the right release for your book's example?
1 week ago
So, if you think  you miss some jar files, please make sure they are properly imported by your IDE.
Or, go to your local directory under your users folder if  you are using Window. Search for  .m2/repository. Search for the dependencies' folder. Remove those dependencies
that may be corrupted. Then import them again.
1 week ago
What was the problem? How did you fix your issue? Thank you in advanced.
1 week ago
If you add the Spring Security dependencies, it will prompt you for password.
Can you try to input credentials to see?
Do you define the credentials in the application.properties.
1 week ago
Try a different expression for the cron, for example 0 0 13 11  03 ?  (Every March 11 13:00 of your time zone).
Also as suggested by the other members, make sure your time zone on your machine is consistent with the time zone set in your DB.
2 weeks ago
Try to make it as @SpringBootTest instead of @WebMvcTest to see if you have that issue.
2 weeks ago
You may want to take a look at these tutorials how to set up the application.properties:
I guess you still need to add this property hibernate.dialect to your database's dialect for MySQLite.

Or, you can omit @Table(name) annotation to see if it can create a table user.
2 weeks ago