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Recent posts by Darren Song

Thank you, Stevens.

I am told that my new employer works with clients for many different industries such as education, insurance, retail, health care, etc.
When I went there for an interview, I had group of people next to me talking about how to implement education solutions for 3rd grades...

8 years ago
Hello. I just wanted some insights from experienced programmers regarding what I should do for next couple of months.

I am a retail store manager, with no college degree, who always wanted to become a computer programmer.

I studied on my own to get 3 oracle java certifications and I was hired under a train and hire program from a software firm.

They will be training me on Java and C# for 6 months starting this March and then hire me as an entry level programmer.

Now my question is that what do you think I should do for next couple of months before my training starts?

I thought of three things. Please let me know what you suggest.

1. Study more about Java, Java frameworks and tools.
- Since I already have taken some Java courses and have 3 oracle certifications, I think I learned the most of things you can learn by reading books. I believe only way I will improve further is to participate in real projects... But I have not worked with Java frameworks and tools such as Junit, Ant, Maven, or w/e. Should I study more about them?

2. Study C
- I was always interested in Linux and C/C++. Also I have been told that learning C could make me a better programmer in long run. Should I take this time to learn C?

3. Read and participate in Java open source projects
- Since what I will be using at the work is mostly java, should I read Java open source projects and contribute?

Thank you in advance!
8 years ago
Thank you for congrats.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post links here but this is a jpg file of the score report. I hid most of the information except the passing score.


Please be advised, the Oracle website clearly says they can change the passing mark anytime... it might have been changed back to 73% already!

I just have passed EJB exam and I need your opinion regarding my next exam.

My heart is at software engineering but many times when I create something for my hobby, I always wished I knew more about the Database and SQL queries, etc.

Now the problem is, I cannot decide whether to take JPA exam or to move on to the OCP DBA exams.

Which one should I go for?
Hello, I took the exam today and passed it with a decent score(89%).

I was kind of shocked to see that the passing marking(not my score) on the score report was 60%, not 73% as it's stated in Oracle's official website: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=5001&get_params=p_exam_id:1Z0-895&p_org_id=1001&lang=US

Also, they recently changed how they showed the exam score.

It does not show right after the exam anymore, you have to wait about 30 mintues(in my case, I had to wait about 2 hours) and you have to go to oracle.com to see the score.

I hope this helps someone.

I went for the web component exam, passed and I am currently studying for the business component exam.
I am glad that I did because of these reasons:

1. I feel that business component exam has a lot less contents to study for.. if you take the business component exam first, you will be overwhelmed by the web component exam contents.

2. I am using EJB3.1 cookbook as my exam guide and the book uses servlets to test concepts. Since I know servlets, it's much easier!

3. Many of the things I studied for the web component exams are used in the business component exam(mostly, the annotations and security stuffs)

Good luck, whichever way you decide to go.


I figured out by myself and I am using netBeans and glassfish to test out the concepts.

I am trying to take the exam next week.

Good luck with your exam~!

Again, thanks for offering the help.

I really appreciate it.
Hello, all.

I am preparing for the BCD exam and I picked up Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 from B&N yesterday.

I read through chapter 1-3 and now I am stuck at the first example!!

Having absolutely no experience with EJBs, I just can't seem to figure out how to run these examples!!

Being frustrated, I went to B&N again and picked up another book called EJB 3.1 Cook book.

I was going through the examples and now I am stuck again because the GlassFish server cannot connect to the admin listener!!!

I tried google searches and and forum searches to figure out myself but I just couldn't find the answer I was looking for!!

So my questions are....

1. Should I avoid using IDEs all together for now?

2. If not, is there a any guide/book that shows how to setup EJB development enviorment in either NetBeans or Eclipse step by step?

3. I noticed NetBeans and Eclipse have different folder structures when I create an EJB project. Is it because I am using GlassFish with NetBeans and Jboss with Eclipse?

Please help! I really appreciate your time reading this thread

You might want to try DropBox.com

I use it to share files between my personal computer, my phone and my work computer.

It basically creates a folder in your computer and if you make a change in one place, it will synchronize the folder in other computers.

Also, the android app also let you export the files from the drop box and attach it to gmail or w/e.

I also took advantage of this at my previous work.

I made batch script to backup the database files into dropbox folder(as it's just a regular windows folder) and it synchronize to a backup computer automatically.
I just passed OCPJP and I am now studying for OCEWCD.

I have a trip to South Korea for a month and my plan is to take the WCD test there.

I did some research and found out all OCP exams now require an oracle approved training before you can take a test in South Korea.

Does any body know about this rule?
@Cyril. Yes. That is correct but make sure you take some mock exams because you need to know both the concept and how they test you on the concept.
9 years ago
Hi, I just passed the SCJP exam today with a safe score of 85%.
I thought I would post my mock exam scores for you to compare with yours and predict how well you could do on the actual exam.


I studied for a total of 21 days.
I only coded for fun before and I was new to the most of java features(Thread, Generics, Collections other than ArrayList, and so on) in the objectives.

I read through K&B book but I kept losing my concentration when I was reading on concurrency and generics, I only went back to these topics when I missed a question in these areas.

For last 7 days since I had a full week off, I took 2-3 mocks a day.
Exam Lab and K&B Practice Exams were too hard for me. The codes were too long and it tried to test me on too many objectives at a time; I constantly lost my concentration on these exams and gave up.

Here are my mock exam scores:

1. Exam Lab Diagnostic Exam: 30% FAIL
2. K&B Practice Exam Book Exam 1: 34% FAIL
3. Enthuware Standard Test 1: 52% FAIL
4. Enthuware Standard Test 2: 63% PASS
5. Enthuware Standard Test 3: 65% PASS
6. Enthuware Standard Test 4: 65% PASS
7. Enthuware Standard Test 5: 65% PASS
8. Enthuware Standard Test 6: 55% FAIL
9. Enthuware Standard Test 7: 55% FAIL
10. Enthuware Standard Test 8: 55% FAIL
11. Enthuware Standard Test 9: 73% PASS
12. Enthuware Standard Test 10: 62% PASS
13. Exam Lab Practice Exam 1: 36% Fail
14. Enthuware Standard Test 11: 63% PASS
15. Enthuware Standard Test 12: 62% PASS
16. Enthuware Last Day Test: 72% PASS

Actual Exam:

I was in a panic mode when the testing center told me they only provide one plastic paper and a marker.

But I actually used them for only 1 question, which turned out the answer was compilation failure (/facepalm)
I used the rest of the space to count how many questions I think I got right(lol).

I wanted to read through the two minute summaries before the test but I was too nervous and never was able to.
So if you are trying to cram right before test, it won't work! Don't do it!

The exam was actually pretty easy even for me. The questions were straight forward and I could see what they were testing on me.
The score I guessed that I would get while testing was very close to what I got actually.

They only asked very basic questions on concurrency and collections. So if you are not doing well on these parts, do not be too afraid.
Like someone said in this forum before, SCJP isn't some kind of horror!

I have less than 40% on both collections and concurrency on Enthuware progress report (:P)

I noticed there were 3 sets of 2 questions which used the same code with just a little changes like public access to private access.

One more thing, I didn't see any drag and drops nor serialization questions but I did see wait(), notify(), and notifyAll() in one of the questions.
The question had them in the choices. So, at least, know what they are!

What now?!:

I ran straight to the Barnes and Noble after the exam and bought myself a copy of HF Servlet and JSP. My plan is to attempt WCD within a month.

I hope my post helped and good luck with your testings!
9 years ago