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Recent posts by Bhavesh Sangwan

Tim Moores wrote:In software there are almost always alternatives. You would have to have very good reasons, grounded in uncommon requirements, to use them.

Yes dear I know there must be some alternate - may be better or similar. I am new in security concept that's why just asking some alternative so that I can figure out which to use when. Thanks for your answer dear.
5 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:Container-managed security (as implemented by Tomcat Realms) is indeed a good approach to authentication.

Thanks dear..! Is there any other alternative approach ?
5 years ago
Hi Geeks, I am writing a self learning web application where app users can register themselves and then login to access some services. My question is how to implement secure login logout functionality. No back button problem, users should be authenticated and authorized from database, no session caching by browser etc.

I found the clue that I should implement tomcat JDBC Realm which seems good. Is it proper secure and good practice to proceed in this way..? Or any other approach ..? please help guys. I have great expectations from you guys. Thanks in advance
5 years ago
Hi there ! I'm new to ejb. Using Eclipse and Jboss server. I've deployed an EJB and now want to invoke it using a standalone java program. I know that Eclipse and JBoss do some job to bind JNDI names. I just want to know that how to lookup EJB by which JNDI binding out of 6 options available (shown in deployment console) there.

Here I'm dropping all my java code and server/console logs please help...




After deployment, when I run, I'm getting the following server logs...

Please also observe property files if any mistake I made here...
And I also hv disabled the security-realm of JBoss to remove extra disturbances....
Thanks Armitage...! I know that NetBeans is Development tool... but may be anyhow netbeans able to configure these server resources autometically by using any wizard...?

I watched it in a video tutorial.... and may be he skipped this configuration in his video log..

I'll try to configure it manually on glassfish... Thanks a lot... and also leave more suggestion if you have any....
Hi I'm trying to run example using JPA and Singleton EJB. But I'm facing problem running (Deploying) application on GlashFish server. I also configured the JNDI name and connection pool but not listed in server JDBC Resources under Services Tab in Netbeans.

My question is should I manually create JNDI and connection pool in Glassfish console or...........?

Please Help me gyues.....

Thanks You
Hi I'm using netbeans embedded glassfish server and want to clarify that .... is it required to set server resources like JNDI names and Connection Pools separately on server console..? OR this is done autometically by Netbeans IDE when developing a EJB application... Please clear my confusion...

8 years ago
when I write, compile and start the server, exception occurs stating abc_stub.class ClassNotFoundException... I followed a tutorial example from a site... but not succeed executing the code....

I did some google and got an idea about security policy and codebase BUT don't know the exact command OR by programming how to set them .... Please help

and Eception is-

C:\Users\Bhavesh\Desktop\java for me\rmi\simple>java MyServer
java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exce
ption is:
java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling arguments; nested excep
tion is:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: AdderRemote_Stub

8 years ago
Hi experts ! I'm just writing my first struts 2 app from a tutorial and pasted exact available code but still not working...

Please find my silly mistake and correct me with explanation ... what's going wrong here ...

The code is ...



And the error code is error status 404 ...
The requested resource (/struts2ActionDemo/hello) is not available.

Please help me out...
8 years ago
Yes sir! but not satisfied with that because they only instruct in formal way... I want the exact solution without any confusion which can work without errors at all... Thanks for your post atleast...
8 years ago
AnyOne Listening for queries here....?

Or Should'nt I follow this forum ....?

Knock Knock......<><>
8 years ago
Hello there ! I am new to java RMI, actually I wrote, compiled and started rmic, and also tried to start server but failed due to _stub 'ClassNotFound' exception..... I'm using java 7... I searched a lot on Google but nobody told step by step example that could work... please help telling me steps including command-line .......... please... I have everything just tell me how to start server, and required settings like codebase or policy settings etc... Thanks
8 years ago
Hi All...!

I'm using Eclipse IDE and MinGW compiler and have added two .cpp files in my C++ project.

One file having main() method and snother without main() - only one method - display(int, int).

Now I want use that display() function written in MyFile_2.cpp into main() function of MFile_1.cpp file. So please help me how to use some code from another .cpp file.

My files are listed below...



Please correct me...
8 years ago