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Recent posts by Haresh Tejwani

Hi Rajiv,

Congratulations on your achievement
Could you please provide the link to MZ mock exams.


Rajeev Rnair wrote:I have appeared OCEJWSD6 exam today and passed with 98% . I have started preparing last year and then couldn't continue because of project dead lines.
Started preparing again for past 2-3 months (with a full time job and family !)

Used the following books:
1. J2EE Web services - Richard, Monson - Haefel (for XML, XSD, SOAP, WSDL etc)
2. Java web services up and running - Martin Kalin (JAX-WS, SOAP)
3. REST ful Java Web services - Jose Sandoval (JAX-RS, REST, Jersey etc)
4. Ivan Kristan notes (SCJWSD5) (covered everything except for UDDI and JAXR)
5. Mikalai Zaikin notes (both SCJWSD5 and OCEJWSD6) (covered everything except for UDDI and JAXR)
6. Oracle J2EE 6 documentation
7. WS-I Basic Profile documentation
8. Refreshed my notes on Servlets, EJB 3.1 etc

Mock exams:
1. Mikalai Zaikin's OCEJWSD6 mock exam - i skipped UDDI and JAXR parts in appendix

I would say both Ivan and MZ notes are a MUST to study. Use MZ mock exam as another study guide! THANK YOU so much to Ivan and Mikalai!!!

The exam was not so tough as expected. Most of the questions are conceptual ones and you need to have a good understanding about everything to answer these questions because the answers are from different topics. So if you don’t know one topic, you will easily be confused what to choose. There were several multiple choice questions with pretty much all answers looks correct! I was relieved to see there were NO questions from UDDI or JAXR !

* SOAP , XML, WSDL, SAAJ, JAX-WS, SOAP encodingStyle , SOAP encoding etc
* Servlet end points - web.xml
* EJB end points
* webservices.xml
* REST - JAX-RS, sub resources, sub resource locator
* Logical and SOAP Handlers - server side
* MTOM - enabling etc
* WS-Addressing - enabling, routing response to different endpoint address etc
* WS-Policy
* WS-Security - what is covered and what is NOT covered
* XKMS, SAML, XACML, basic authentication, mutual authentication, digital signatures, SSL, encryption etc
* WS IT - interoperability - best practices
* Java - WSDL and WSDL - Java approaches
* synchronous / aynchronous clients etc.
* document / rpc / litral / encoded etc
* request - response , oneway - messaging patterns

good luck to all fellow exam aspirants!

6 years ago